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2020 Sucked. How to NOT Have a “Crappy” New Year in 2021.

2020 dumpster fire

The last time I was in Las Vegas gambling (maybe 6 years ago), I was on a streak in Blackjack.  It wasn’t a hot streak.  It was cold.  It was frigid.  It was frozen in deep cryo-freeze.  I was losing every hand, every time I sat down.  It didn’t matter if it were a 5-, 15-, or 25-dollar table.  I couldn’t win.  But I kept telling myself (foolishly) to keep playing.  In fact, I told myself to bet more.  After all, I reasoned to myself, “it can’t get any worse.”  But it could get worse.  And it did get worse.  I kept losing even though all my rationalizations and self-justifying logic told me that I couldn’t lose every hand.  But it turns out I could lose every hand.

Sometimes the cards just fall the wrong way. It seems this happens the most when we are the most negative.  Emotions are catchy.  Anyone who has been on a hot streak in anything knows this. Golfers, gymnasts, athletes at the top of their game spend years working internally to control their thoughts and emotions.

By now, you might be wondering what this has to do with anything.  Here’s the point.  2020 sucked.  Many folks lost everything–their loved ones, their jobs, their life savings.  People are at the end of their ropes.  They feel like it can’t get any worse.  And (like my frigid streak in Vegas) that is when we learn the hard way that things can get worse and they will get worse if we let them.

New Year’s Eve is right around the corner.  We all know the jokes about “amateur night.” But this year is different.  It’s “amateur night” on steroids.  People are desperate, even if they don’t know that they are.  That’s when bad stuff really happens.  That’s when the booze gets flowing out of control.  That’s when people drive instead of taking Uber.  That’s when people do things they would never do otherwise.  Why?  Because they’ve lost everything anyway, and it can’t get any worse.

To be sure, it will all look worse from the back seat of a police cruiser.  It will look worse from your bunk in jail.  It will look worse when you are Zooming in for your bond hearing at Court.

On any “normal” New Year’s Eve, as a criminal defense attorney I wait up – not to see the ball drop – but to help those in trouble, calling from the police station, patrol car, or jail with DUI’s (OVI), Domestic Violence, Possession of Drugs (cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, Percocet, Adderall).  I hope I’m wrong, but this year my expectations are worse than ever. After all, everything else about 2020 has been crappy.

Please be safe. Make your 2021 New Year “Happy” not “Crappy.”

For over 20 years, the criminal defense attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer (AV-rated) have been helping good people in bad situations. If you or someone you know find yourself in legal trouble, feel free to call our criminal and DUI/OVI defense attorneys 24/7 at 614-224-6142.

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