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Ohio Criminal Arrests


Criminal Defense Attorneys in Columbus Ohio

The Columbus criminal lawyers at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. understand that being arrested for a criminal offense can be a frightening experience. Just because the police have pulled you over it does not mean you are automatically going to jail, merely they suspect you have violated the law in some way and they want to question you.

Know Your Rights

Regardless whether you are guilty of the crime the police arrested you for it is always a good idea to remain calm and collected. Additionally, as soon as it is appropriate you should tell the police that you wish to speak to a lawyer. Bear in mind the police will be analyzing you the entire time during the arrest including your physical appearance and body language cues.

It is helpful to understand your Miranda rights before you have any contact with the police. Miranda affords you protection under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution. If you are in custody and the police want to interrogate or question you, they first have to read your Miranda rights to you.

The components of Miranda rights include the following:

  • Your right to stay silent
  • Your right to know that anything said by you can be used against you should your case go to trial
  • Your right to legal counsel
  • Your right to have a court appointed attorney if you are not financially able to hire one

If you waive your rights, the police may question you freely about your alleged behavior. Your statements will likely be used against you later. Even if you think you are helping your situation, you are probably doing just the opposite. People rarely talk the police out of charging them with a crime. If you have not spoken to a lawyer, you should not waive your rights and you should not make a statement to the police or any other authority.

If you do, however, decide to make a statement, you have the right to terminate the interview at any time. If you feel things are not going well for you, inform the police that you want an attorney before making any additional statements.

The police are more than happy to listen to everything you have to say. They will record it and take notes. They will ask for details. And they will let you talk as long as you want. If you don’t talk, they will suggest that you are making a mistake. They just want “your side of the story.” Remember this: You can always decide to talk later, after speaking to a lawyer. But if you decide to make statements now, they can’t be erased and the decision is final.

Although it is quite acceptable that the average person is not well-versed in the area of Ohio criminal law, knowing and understanding your Miranda rights is the one piece of law everyone should know. It is quite possible, and it does occur more often than the police would like to admit, that you are arrested by accident so remaining quiet until you speak with your lawyer can only help your situation.

Contact An Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

The Ohio criminal defense attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. practice criminal law exclusively and will fight for your legal rights if you have been arrested for a criminal offense. We have the legal acumen and professionalism to not only design a strong legal strategy for your defense but have the ability to navigate the Ohio criminal law process with ease and success.

To schedule your initial consultation call us at 614-224-6142 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to discussing the details of your case with you.

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