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Drug Trafficking


Ohio Drug Crime Attorneys Drug Trafficking

If you are brought up on drug trafficking charges, you face serious consequences and in certain cases may be tried under both state and federal jurisdictions. Our drug crime attorneys in Ohio at Yavitch & Palmer provide aggressive advocacy, whether defending you in court or engaging in negotiations to reduce charges or sentencing.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is one of the most severe drug charges, punishable by stiff penalties. Ohio law defines drug trafficking as:

  • Knowingly selling or offering to sell a controlled substance
  • Preparing controlled substances for shipment, transport, delivery, distribution, or distributing a controlled substance with the knowledge that the controlled substance is intended for sale or resale

Drug Penalties Under Ohio law

Ohio drug trafficking charges range from fifth to first degree felonies with first degree felonies. The type of drug and quantity, along with trafficking in the proximity of a school or juvenile, are factors that influence which degree of felony is charged.

Under certain circumstances, Ohio law requires mandatory maximum sentencing. Repeated drug offenses, multiple drug offenses committed during a period of time, and convictions for other felonies committed concurrent with drug crime are also aggravating factors that can result in heavier sentencing.

Consult A Skilled Ohio Drug Crime Attorney

We understand the harsh sentencing you are up against and are best able to devise effective strategies during the early stages of your case. Motions to suppress evidence or that limit the prosecution’s case may be available to our skilled and knowledgeable lawyers. Contact Yavitch and Palmer today at 614-224-6142 or fill out our Web contact form.

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