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Ohio Driver’s Intervention Program (DIP)

Ohio DUI & OVI Law

On a basic first offense DUI or OVI, one of the mandatory penalties is 3 days in jail. This sounds harsh (and it is meant to). But the law carves out an alternative—the Driver’s Intervention Program (DIP). Most Columbus and Ohio court’s and judges permit first time DUI offenders to serve their 3 days (72 Hours) in a DIP.

Years ago, these programs were conducted in an “institutional” setting at rehabilitation facilities. But they have evolved and become profitable businesses. Now most programs are conducted in local hotels. The participants must check in to their hotel and remain for 72 hours. During that time, there are various presentations about alcohol, alcohol abuse, and drinking and driving. The participants will also receive an individual evaluation for alcohol and/or substance abuse issues.

The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer routinely speak and present at several Columbus (and Central Ohio) programs. They provide insight into various legal issues people face, even after their cases are resolved and closed.

The cost of these programs vary depending on which program, whether the participant chooses a single room (extra cost), and various other circumstances. Generally, people should plan on $300.00 to $500.00 for the program.

Columbus Driver’s Intervention Program and Ohio DUI Law

Ohio and Columbus law allows for a 72-hour program or 3 days in jail. Some judges let a person choose jail or a program, but many courts and judges now prefer (and even insist on) a DIP. The program operators work closely with the court system, and participants can expect the program to share their evaluation results with the court and judge.

Based on feedback from former and current clients, the DIP is often viewed as inconvenient. But completed, most feel that it “wasn’t that bad.” Many report a positive experience.

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