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Administrative License Suspension (ALS)

This is an administrative suspension imposed by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV or DMV).  This is generally a pre-trial suspension imposed for either taking a chemical test with a BAC above the legal limit or refusing to take a chemical test.

On first offense, the ALS suspension lasts 1 year for a refusal.  On a first offense test above the legal limit, the ALS suspension lasts 90-days.The suspension period begins to increase exponentially depending on prior convictions and prior refusals.

The ALS suspension is the subject of much confusion.  Our attorneys will take the time to explain the suspension and driver’s license ramifications in simple, understandable detail.

Refusal of a Blood / Breath / Urine Test

No. of Refusal/        Length of                  Driving                      Restricted            Ignition         

Offense in 6 yrs.      Suspension             Privileges                 Plates                     Interlock

     1st                              1 years                      After 30 days               Optional                    Optional

     2nd                             2 years                     After 90 days               Optional                    Optional

     3rd                              3 years                     After 1 year                  Optional                    Optional

    4th or more               5 years                      After 3 years                Optional                   Optional


Failed Blood / Breath / Urine Test

No. of Offense    Length of          Driving            Restricted               Ignition

in 6 yrs.               Suspension       Privileges          Plates                     Interlock

    1st                      90 days            After 15 days          Optional                    Optional

    2nd                   1 year1               After 45 days         Optional                    Optional

    3rd                   2 years               After 180 days       Optional                   Required if alcohol;Optional if drugs

   4th or more    3 years               After 3 years           Optional                   Required if alcohol; Optional if drugs

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