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Defending a Felony in Columbus & OH

Turn to Yavitch & Palmer to defend your felony charge

There’s a lot riding on your felony defense. Felony charges are far more serious than misdemeanors, and depending on the crime, punishment can result in extended prison stays or even the death penalty. That’s why you need an experienced felony attorney on your side.

Felonies also carry other collateral consequences, which, without the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney, could jeopardize your firearm rights, limit your employment opportunities, and restrict other freedoms.

Types of Felonies


The felony defense attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. bring a practical approach to every murder defense. Here, we outline the definitions between aggravated murder and murder. We also outline the technicalities and penalties involved in voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, vehicular manslaughter, and reckless homicide.


Understand difference between Ohio’s definitions of robbery and aggravated robbery and understand the penalties associated with petty and grand theft charges.


Read up on Ohio’s definitions of assault and how they affect your case. Get details on the following types of assault, including what constitutes a misdemeanor versus a felony: negligent, simple, felonious, and aggravated.

Weapons possession

Read up on the ins and outs of Ohio’s gun and knife laws and the types of firearm offenses you should be aware of, e.g., carrying versus concealing a knife and much more.


Read about how to handle abduction charges in Columbus. You’ll learn what is considered kidnapping in Ohio and the potential penalties if convicted.


Learn about the differences between arson and aggravated arson, the penalties if convicted, what happens when a fire department suspects arson, and when arson becomes murder.

Reach out to a Columbus, Ohio Criminal Defense Attorney

The criminal defense attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. recognize that those who walk through our doors are good people in bad situations. Our Columbus felony attorneys bring a personal approach to every case. We believe in straightforward communication, a team-oriented strategy, ethical and professional conduct, and good, old-fashioned hard work.

If you’re facing felony charges, time is of the essence. Call 614-224-6142 or fill out our online contact form to get started right away.

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