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Counterfeiting Defense Lawyers


Columbus attorneys take action against your counterfeiting charges

Counterfeiting U.S. currency, trademarked products and many other materials are federal offenses. Even possession of a few dollars in counterfeit bills merits an investigation by the Secret Service and possibly federal charges. Do not get swept up in the federal court system without the protection of an experienced lawyer.

The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer stay updated on counterfeiting trends and laws to provide a strong, innovative defense for our clients.

Types of counterfeiting

While the counterfeiting of currency is probably the most well-known form of counterfeiting, a variety of other types exists, including the following:

  • Documents: Government, financial documents, securities and foreign currency can be counterfeited for the purpose of fraud and other deceptions. All are federal offenses.
  • Trademarks: Attaching a false brand or mark to goods or services is considered trademark counterfeiting, and it can lead to criminal charges and civil suits from the brand owner.
  • Pharmaceuticals: A growing trend in counterfeiting is the production of fake pills and medicines for sale and distribution. Like other counterfeit goods, the manufacture or intentional trafficking of those pills or medicine is a federal offense.

If you are charged with counterfeiting in the Greater Columbus area, call us immediately

The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer focus on complex charges like counterfeiting. You gain capable, dedicated legal representation when you choose us. Contact our downtown Columbus office 614-224-6142 online to set up an appointment. We are available evenings or weekends if needed.

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