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Embezzlement and Criminal Defense

Ohio embezzlement and money laundering attorneys

Embezzlement and money laundering are likely the two most recognizable forms of white collar crime. If you have been charged with either of these two types of corporate crimes in Ohio you need to consult a qualified criminal defense attorney right away. The Ohio white collar crime attorneys practicing at Yavitch & Palmer of Columbus, Ohio are experienced in defending individuals who have been charged with white collar crime and will work tirelessly to create an effective legal strategy for your case.

Building a defense for embezzlement

Wrongly undertaking rights to funds or property that you are for, such as employee theft, is considered embezzlement. In order to prove embezzlement occurred there are four significant elements that must be proven:

  • The two parties must have a relationship whereby one has responsibility for funds or property of the other
  • The defendant became the owner of the property via the connection with the plaintiff
  • The defendant illegally took possession of the property
  • The defendant purposely assumed rights to the property

The punishment you face for an embezzlement charge is contingent on what the property you embezzled is worth. Most likely, you will be assessed a fine that is of equal value of the property you embezzled in addition to spending time in jail.

Money laundering offenses

If you have money that you received via an illegal activity and make it look like it derived from a legitimate business operation then you have committed money laundering. There are several steps involved in the process and they include:

  • Money placement – This is where you actually take the money received from the illegal activity and deposit it into a bank or an insurance company.
  • Layering – The goal of this part of the process is to create so much transactional activity between various accounts that it would be difficult to actually trace where the illegal money came from.
  • Integration – The last action involves incorporating the illegal money with legitimate money. This is accomplished by placing a higher value on the invoice of a particular item and once the money is received for the sale it is deposited with the illegal money so it would be impossible to think there is extra money in the account.

The criminal laws surrounding these types of offenses can be complicated and intricate. The Columbus criminal attorneys are ready and able to satisfactorily defend you if you face either of these charges. Call our office in Columbus today to schedule your initial consultation at 614-224-6142 or fill out our online contact form.

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