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Defending Your Fraud Charges


Fraud Attorneys in Columbus, OH

The Ohio fraud attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer have the experience and legal acumen to effectively represent you if you have been charged with fraud or any other corporate crime in Ohio. We pride ourselves on tirelessly working to design a strong legal strategy that will serve your best interests. Our legal services include bank fraud, insurance fraud, wire fraud, securities fraud, investment fraud, Medicare fraud, tax fraud and mortgage fraud.

Types of fraud

Our white collar crime and fraud attorneys are well-versed in many areas of fraud including:

  • Wire fraud – Utilizing the telephone or other means of electronic communication devices to defraud.
  • Insurance fraud – Filing false, embellished or distorted claims with the intention of collecting money.
  • Securities fraud – Insider trading or obtaining funds via dishonestly buying, selling or trading on the stock market.
  • Mortgage fraud – The purposeful encouragement of a bank to provide insurance or purchase a mortgage loan when the detailed documentation has been skewed to make it look like a sound investment. Often the potential home buyer’s income has been exaggerated, the loan paperwork falsified and the appraisals tampered with.
  • Medicare fraud – Unlawfully taking monies from a Medicare fund that is designed to offer health care to Medicare recipients.
  • Investment fraud – Knowingly falsifying the level of risk and profit potential for investing in a particular plan or business operation.

Contact an Ohio fraud lawyer

If you have been charged with any of these types of fraud, we can handle your case with a healthy combination of aggressive research and strategizing and professional integrity.  The Ohio criminal lawyers practicing at Yavitch & Palmer are ready to dive into your corporate crime case and fight for your legal rights.

Call us today in Columbus at 614-224-6142 or fill out our online quick contact form and we will contact you to schedule an initial consultation. You can’t fight this battle alone and you shouldn’t. Our fraud lawyers will stand by your side.

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