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Defending Your Identity Theft Case


White collar criminal defense lawyers in Ohio

The Columbus criminal defense lawyers of Yavitch & Palmer are accomplished in defending people who have been charged with identity theft. We will design a sound and appropriate legal strategy to effectively address this very serious criminal charge.

What is identity theft?

If you obtain somebody else’s personal information, such as their birth date, mailing address, Social Security number or bank account numbers, and engage in fraudulent activity, you have committed identity theft.

There are several types of illegal activities that spawn from identity theft and they include:

  • Name fraud – In this situation, you utilize another person’s name to open credit card accounts and then set off on an extravagant spending spree. To add insult to injury, often times a different mailing address is given so the unsuspecting victim has no idea what is being charged because the bills get mailed someplace else.
  • Account fraud – This type of identity theft includes the complete taking over of an account, including online accounts, that belong to someone else.
  • Criminal activity – If you engage in criminal activity, get arrested and then give the authorities somebody else’s name you have committed criminal identity theft. Any paperwork or law enforcement activity is now linked to an innocent person.

Contact an experienced white collar defense lawyer

Our Ohio criminal defense attorneys have vast experience and understanding of criminal law and are ready to defend you with the competent and aggressive legal skills you deserve. To schedule your initial consultation please call us at 614-224-6142 or fill out our online contact form.

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