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Defense Lawyers Wipe Felonies Off Your Record


Ohio Criminal Lawyers Navigate the Expunging Process

Arrests, convictions and punishments are all disruptive to your life. Once you’ve served your sentence, you want things to get back to normal. In some cases, the best way to do that is to have your record sealed or cleared. The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer respect your desire to have past errors removed from your record and work with you through the expunging process.

In the state of Ohio, the expungement of criminal records is referred to as having those records sealed. Sealed records are not available to the general public, such as potential employers or background check agencies. It can still be made available in very specific circumstances, particularly for law enforcement purposes, or when applying for a position as a medical caregiver or a caregiver for minors.

The process of sealing your records in Ohio

Once you’ve confirmed that you are eligible, the expungement process works as follows:

  • Apply to have your records sealed: One year after you are discharged from a misdemeanor sentence, or three years after a felony sentence, you may apply to have your records sealed. If the charge or complaint was dismissed, or the charge resultd in a not guilty verdict, you can apply immediately.You must return to the court where you were tried and pay a fee of $50.
  • Attend a hearing: The court sets a date for a hearing, at which time you can explain to the judge that you have served your sentence and have been rehabilitated, and why it is important that your record be sealed.
  • Await the judgment: Either at court or at a later time, the judge decides whether your records should be sealed. If the judgment comes after your hearing, the decision is mailed to you.

Work with attorneys who understand your options to get your charges expunged in Columbus

Yavitch & Palmer concentrate on criminal defense and the aftermath, so we know how to get your past convictions expunged. Call us at 614-224-6142 or complete our Web form to to set up a day, evening or weekend appointment. We’ll examine your situation and provide you with the best course of action.

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