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Expunging Felonies


Ohio Law Firm Clears Felonies from Your Record

A felony conviction has a major impact on your life. Jail time, heavy fines and other penalties can change your life dramatically. It can also have an effect on your future when you look for a job, apply for a loan or do anything else requiring a background check. The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer appreciate how much a past felony conviction can limit your options, and we know how to get your criminal record sealed.

Eligibility to Have a Felony Record Sealed

The biggest challenge in expunging a felony is making sure that it can be sealed in the first place. In the state of Ohio, you are only eligible for expungement if you have just one felony, or one felony and minor misdemeanors, on your record.

Any conviction involving mandatory jail time cannot be expunged. If you served jail time but could have served probation, you may still be eligible. In addition, three years must have passed since you were discharged from any sentence served, and you cannot have any pending criminal or traffic charges against you.

A variety of felony charges are never eligible to be sealed. They usually involve mandatory jail time and are violent in nature. These crimes include rape, murder, felonies involving a minor, first- or second-degree felonies or felony DUI.

Reach Out to Our Attorneys in Columbus to Expunge Your Felony

At Yavitch & Palmer, we understand your desire to erase a felony conviction, and we can take action to get your criminal record sealed. Give us a call at 614-224-6142 or fill out our online contact form to set up an appointment at our downtown Columbus office. We offer flexible meeting times for your convenience.

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