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Ohio Felonies & Violent Crimes

Columbus Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

A felony charge is as serious as it gets. Whereas a misdemeanor can bring about fines and minimal penalties, the consequences of a felony charge are far more severe. Depending on the crime, repercussions can include extended prison stays and, in drastic cases, even the death penalty. We know the law for Ohio, and that’s why we are the attorneys and legal experts to turn to.

There’s a lot riding on your defense. In addition to the known and devastating potential punishments for felonies and violent crimes, there are other collateral consequences. Such repercussions can jeopardize firearm rights, limit employment opportunities and put restrictions on other freedoms. For example, certain sex crime convictions could mean having to register as an offender in your area of residence. Domestic violence charges could lose you custody of your children, and put heavy restrictions on visitation. The proper defense is crucial in ensuring your rights. It is a long and intense process. Our experienced attorneys will represent you and handle your case with the utmost professionalism.

Felony Attorneys

A felony is a serious charge with potentially severe repercussions. Murder, robbery and certain types of assault are considered felonious and can include sentences such as extended prison stays and sometimes the death penalty.
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Sex Crime Attorneys

A sex crime is a charge of a sensitive nature. These crimes include, but are not limited to rape, sexual battery and child molestation. Such charges are often met with harsh consequences that could include a long duration of prison time and registering oneself as a sex offender.
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Child Abuse Attorneys

Allegations of child abuse are incredibly difficult. These are highly sensitive situations and many factors are at play. It is important to understand the details of child abuse laws in Ohio and to work with an attorney who can guide you through this process.
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Domestic Abuse Attorneys

Domestic violence charges are taken very seriously, with consequences including heavy fines and sometimes even a prison sentence. These outcomes can affect your family relationships, especially if there are children involved.
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