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OVI & Traffic Violations Attorneys

Driving Your Defense in Columbus

While a traffic violation might seem like a small thing, it can have big consequences that drastically affect your life. It can be costly, inconvenient, and in some cases, criminal.

Smaller infractions like speeding can rack up fines and increase insurance rates. Your license may even be suspended. More serious offenses like drunk driving (DWI, DUI OMVI) and reckless operation could have more serious repercussions like jail or a prison sentence. These varying forms of penalty can, at the very least, disrupt your ability to make a living. Let one of our experienced attorneys guide you through this complicated process.

DUI / Drunk Driving Attorneys

DUI. DWI. OMVI. What is the difference? It matters. Deciphering between these offenses is imperative in dealing with your drunk driving case. Repeat offenses increase the severity of punishment, which can include anything from license suspension to time in prison.

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Traffic Violations Attorneys

It’s not as simple as your everyday speeding ticket. Reckless operation is a serious moving violation that can lead to fatal accidents. A charge of vehicular manslaughter is to be taken very seriously. Know the laws and the differences between offenses.

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