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Grand Theft Lawyers


Preventing a felony conviction

If you’re being charged with a grand theft offense, you could be facing felony penalties, including years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines. You don’t need to face these accusations alone. The experienced attorneys of Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. work exclusively on criminal defense charges and can create a personalized defense to meet the needs of your case.

Having the right attorney can be the difference between time in prison and exoneration from the accusations leveled against you. With a crime as serious as grand theft, you want to make sure you have a capable team working on your side.

Grand theft applies in many situations

Grand theft in Ohio applies when the value of the property exceeds a certain amount or particular items were stolen. Grand theft is a felony and there is a presumption that someone convicted of grand theft should face jail time. Ohio law also lists several items that, if stolen, are punishable as grand theft regardless of their value, including firearms and dangerous ordnance or motorvehicles of any kind.

By partnering with Yavitch & Palmer, you gain experienced defense lawyers who fight the charges raised against you and ensure that you are not wrongfully convicted of the crime of grand theft. A well-planned defense can result in charges being reduced or dropped to avoid a felony conviction.

Let us help you combat grand theft charges in Columbus or the surrounding areas

You don’t have to face accusations of grand theft alone. The attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. have more than 20 years of combined experience helping people like you disprove charges against them. Call us at 614.224.6142 or fill out our online contact form to set up a meeting to discuss your case and your options. Appointments are available in the evenings or during weekends if necessary

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