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Criminal Lawyers Explain Firearm Laws


Using guns in Ohio

Whether it’s a robbery, an assault or a motor vehicle violation, a charge that includes the presence of a firearm increases from a misdemeanor to a felony of some degree. If you have been charged with an offense involving a firearm, the lawyers at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. can build a strong case to defend you against a conviction.

Who is permitted to own a firearm

The state of Ohio does not require a license or permit to purchase a weapon. However, the following people cannot purchase or own a gun:

  • Individuals under 18 years of age, or 21 for handguns
  • Convicted violent felons or drug offenders
  • Alcoholics or drug-dependent individuals
  • Individuals judged mentally incompetent

Laws regarding carrying a weapon

It is illegal for anyone without a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Law enforcement officers and employees of certain state agencies are exempt from this restriction but only if they are authorized within the scope of their duties. It is permissible to openly carry a weapon in certain locations, but it is important to be very careful when carrying a weapon in public.

Notable firearm offenses

Along with the illegal possession or carrying of a firearm, the following actions and activities are considered firearms offenses:

  • Failure to report a lost firearm: This is a misdemeanor of the fourth degree. In addition, if a crime is committed with your weapon, the report is valuable evidence.
  • Using a weapon under the influence: Discharging a weapon while drunk or under the influence of drugs is illegal.
  • Using a weapon in a moving vehicle: It is illegal to transport a loaded weapon in a motor vehicle. It is also illegal to fire a weapon from a moving vehicle.
  • Carrying a weapon at a school or courthouse: Ohio state law expressly forbids carrying a weapon on school or courthouse grounds at any time.

Any reckless use of a firearm can result in criminal charges. If you are facing firearms charges, be sure you have a lawyer with experience defending gun cases.

Contact us if you’ve been arrested for a firearm-related offense in Ohio

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