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Appearing in Court: What You Need to Know

As Columbus criminal defense lawyers, we know that court can be intimidating for our clients. Often, we are asked, “Will I be required to attend all court proceedings?” To make it easy, we tell our clients that attending all court appearances is required unless someone from our office specifically advises you otherwise. Courts frown upon a defendant’s failure to appear at a scheduled court hearing. In spite of our best efforts, courts may also issue warrants to arrest for failure to appear.

Another common question is, “What can I expect on the day of court?” For one, courts often schedule multiple cases at the same time and date. Your case may not be heard exactly at the time scheduled and delays are often inevitable. However, you still need to be present in court at your scheduled time. Upon arrival, check in with court personnel. Advise them that you have a lawyer and inform them of who will be representing you. They will likely instruct you to wait either inside or outside the courtroom.

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