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Your Career Could Be Lost Without a DUI Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

DUI attorney Columbus, Ohio

Don’t jeopardize your future by driving while intoxicated

When you think about the consequences of getting a DUI, you might think about the short-term problems it will cause. Getting arrested, getting a fine and suspension of your license are all repercussions we expect from being pulled over while intoxicated.

However, a DUI can have extremely detrimental effects on your career and long-term goals, depending on your field of work or study.

Here’s why getting a DUI can seriously impede your future.

Inability to drive to work

Depending on the nature and severity of your DUI, your license suspension or loss may prevent you from getting to work. If your job doesn’t allow you to work from home, you may be terminated.

Furthermore, if your job requires you to drive, such as an ambulance or snow plow driver, you may lose your job outright.

DUI attorney Columbus, Ohio

Negative impacts on education

Colleges and universities will often ask you to disclose any criminal convictions you’ve had, which could restrict your ability to apply to the school of your choice. If you get a DUI while already attending college, your grants and scholarships could be in jeopardy—and without the funding to continue with school, you may not be able to pursue your career.

Conviction policy

Some employers may not hire candidates that have a prior DUI conviction, depending on their policies. Even if you don’t disclose your DUI conviction in your interview, it will appear on any background check your prospective employer runs on you.

Employers sometimes also have policies in their terms of employment that cite a conviction of a crime as grounds for immediate termination.

Difficulty attaining certifications or licenses

With a DUI on your record, there could be restrictions on qualifying for certain licenses that are required for jobs such as lawyers, law enforcement, doctors and even judges.

If you are already employed in a licensed position and you find yourself at the receiving end of a DUI conviction, your license could be revoked, potentially resulting in your termination.

When you’re pulled over or stopped at one of the many DUI checkpoints in Columbus, Ohio, call Yavitch & Palmer.

Because a DUI conviction can irreparably damage your career and future plans, it’s important that you seek an experienced DUI attorney in Columbus, Ohio, that can reduce your charges or get them completely dismissed.

That’s why, if you’re pulled over and arrested for driving while intoxicated, you should immediately contact the professional DUI lawyers at Yavitch & Palmer. They’ll review every detail of your case and work diligently to ensure you get the best outcome.

Contact Yavitch & Palmer by using our online form to schedule an appointment at our downtown Columbus office, or call us at 614-224-6142.

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