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Die-hard Fandom Land You in Legal Trouble? Seek Help From a Columbus Criminal Defense Lawyer


When your sports celebration gets out of hand

Sports. Every season, always a reason to celebrate. As spring arrives, the last few pucks drop and March Madness closes basketball out, only to welcome MLB opening day and spring football games.

We’ve survived the bitter Ohio winter months, and any excuse to emerge from hibernation and into a bar crawl pre, during and post-game seems like a good one.

But, don’t let your excitement for warm-weather sports command your rationale. It’s been a long time since you’ve partied on a patio—everything good comes in moderation.

Often when a group of excited people join together, the potential for rowdiness and mob mentality can increase. Pair that with the impassioned sports heads, and it’s a recipe for needing to call a Columbus criminal defense attorney. Riots, fist fights, drunk and disorderly, open container, underage drinking…the list can go on.

Caught spring fever? Here are a few guidelines to be sure you won’t have to remedy your celebrations with a Columbus criminal defense attorney.

Plan your night

What is your game plan? Who is tagging along? How will you get to where you’re going? Are there multiple destinations, and will you have to drive to each one? How will you get home safely? Of course, your itinerary can change and people can join or drop off, but having a general idea of how your night will look can reduce your risk of a potential run-in with the law.

Lining up a designated driver or having enough money for a ride-hailing service could save you from a DUI.

It’s advisable to always store a Plan B in the back of your mind.

Limit yourself

Knowing your alcohol limit can be the difference between a good time and jail time.

Although pre-gaming and drinking games are often part of a night’s celebration, if you have plans to watch a sporting event out at a bar or friend’s house, it is important to listen to your body. How much is too much for you, personally? Your limits are not the same as your buddies’ or significant other’s.

DUI Attorney-Columbus Ohio

You’re likely watching the game at a bar because you want to socialize with your friends, and often, that includes social drinking. You’ll probably want to have a beer in your hand.

By acting accordingly, you can save yourself in the long run. Choosing not to drink prior to heading out on the town, or at least limiting the amount, could prevent overconsumption and the potential problems associated. The extra rowdiness that comes with a few more drinks is never worth the legal trouble you could face and the time you could spend calling a Columbus criminal defense lawyer.

Be a good sport

Once you’re out, a few beverages deep, engrossed in the game, fans and opponents surrounding you, the heightened opportunity for differences in opinions can lead to raised voices and heated arguments. You might have gotten a little too excited and couldn’t stop talking smack about the guy-down-the-bar’s favorite player even though he warned you.

Enough is enough and he gets in your face. What should you do? By walking away, you can prevent the fight from escalating with the use of weapons or others joining in and potentially, avoid a violence-related charge.

Get a hold of a Columbus criminal defense lawyer

You made proper arrangements and you put your own safety first, but it didn’t go according to plan. If spring sports season got out of hand, you need experienced, qualified representation from a Columbus criminal defense lawyer. Yavitch & Palmer will listen to your side of the story, look over all of the facts and work to get you the best result possible.

Call Yavitch & Palmer at 614-224-6142, or make an appointment at our downtown Columbus office using our online contact form today.

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