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Do I Need a Lawyer? I’m Innocent!

Every Ohio criminal defense lawyer knows that just because you are innocent of a criminal charge brought against you doesn’t mean that you can’t be found guilty. Does that make sense? It’s entirely possible that an aggressive prosecutor can actually find you guilty of a crime that you did not commit. There are plenty of innocent people who end up in jail convicted of a crime they did not commit. Why take that chance?

Many criminal defense lawyers will provide a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your case so spending an hour with a lawyer to preserve your freedom is a good way to spend an hour. If you are unable to find a criminal defense attorney you feel comfortable with that won’t charge you for an initial consultation, then notify the court because you are entitled to one under the law if you are unable to pay for one. Don’t be misguided into thinking that public defenders are not qualified criminal defense attorneys because they are not practicing in a big law firm earning large salaries. Many public defenders choose to be public defenders because they are fervent in their defense of civil rights and the maintenance of our precious justice system.

Although you may have been inadvertently charged with a crime there is a legal process to which you must go through to assert and maintain your innocence until the charges are dropped. Chances are you are unfamiliar with your state’s legal processes, and if you attempt to represent yourself you may end up in more legal trouble than you started with. You need an experienced Ohio criminal defense attorney to untangle the legal web in such a way that you can walk away from this ugly situation and be done with it forever. Don’t navigate the legal system alone!

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