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Of Wine and COVID

DUI and Covid

Governments have gone to great lengths to shutdown bars due to COVID.  But no matter the agenda, they can’t shut down drinking.  And the irony is that bars are “non-essential” (according to the government), but liquor stores are considered essential businesses.  And liquor sales are skyrocketing.

So, folks are still drinking alcohol (and apparently in greater quantities than ever), just not at bars. This is where the law of unintended consequences rears its ugly head.  It might seem that it’s better that people drink at home (or someone else’s home) instead of a bar. But it’s not so simple.  At home, there are no checks on the amount of alcohol consumed. We don’t pay “per drink,” bar tenders won’t cut us off, and we can drink as long as we want (there is no “closing time”).

What’s the point?  Be careful and stay safe.  There are lots of people getting in trouble even though they are at home.  They get caught driving drunk (DUI) to the store, instances of domestic violence are skyrocketing, and idle hands are doing what they do.

‘Tis the Season to be with family and friends. You can’t see them from a jail cell.

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