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Navigating the Trial Process

How likely is it my case will go to trial?

Trials are rare, with just 2.5 percent of Ohio criminal cases in common please court going to trial in 2012.  Most cases resolve by plea negotiations.  But every case is unique.  There is no definitive rule on this.  The defendant needs to consider numerous factors in deciding whether to go to trial.  The costs and risks of trial must be weighed against the likelihood of success.  Sometimes the choice is easy, while other times it is far more difficult.  We believe in representing clients.  And clients have problems unique to their circumstances.  We strive to work with the client intimately to help make this difficult decision.  We do not start with the premise that all cases should go to trial.  And we certainly do not believe that all cases should resolve in a plea bargain.  Our job is to help unravel all the variables and make sure the client makes the best decision under their own circumstances.

What kinds of crimes go to trial?

Any case can go to trial.  Although we often see the most serious matters in trial, that is not always the case.  Sometimes the more serious offenses carry the risk of greater consequences.  We commonly have trials on all matters, including OVI, traffic, and complex criminal cases.  Each client’s case must be assessed individually, considering the evidence, the consequences, and (most important), what is best for the client.

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