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About the Yavitch & Palmer Law Firm

Results-oriented criminal defense for Columbus, OH

When Yavitch & Palmer was founded in 1997, the goal was simple: provide professional legal service without pretense or prejudice.

At that time, few, if any, Columbus or Ohio law firms were devoted exclusively to criminal defense. We wanted to create something unique. Something personal.

We recognize that those who walk through our doors are good people in bad situations, each with an individual set of problems. We don’t treat clients as numbers or nameless, faceless cases. Rather, we get to know them by spending time one-on-one and providing honest, personal counsel.

“The mindset of practicing results-oriented criminal defense is what we’ve built into this firm and has been a part of the ethos of all the lawyers that have passed through the walls of 511 South High. My call is to uphold the lessons that have long marked this building as a landmark for exemplary criminal defense in Columbus.” –Stephen E. Palmer

Straightforward communication

We encourage open communication with our clients. When we get to the heart of most of our clients’ poor experiences with other law firms, it usually boils down to lack of communication. We speak a language you can understand. This means personal attention, transparency and 24/7 availability.

Your case, our dedicated team

We have found that personal problems don’t occur in a vacuum—there are almost always underlying issues. It’s often important to recognize the need for outside help, whether in the form of substance abuse counselors, psychologists or other professionals. Professional attention to these issues is often crucial for our efforts. But even more importantly, it is critical to the well-being of the individual. Meet our team of attorneys.

Old fashioned hard work

While a personal approach is vital, we still have to be experts on the law. We strive to stay ahead of emerging issues in our field, lecture routinely at seminars and stay on top of evolving legal matters. Put simply, there is no substitute for hard work, and this includes after–hours efforts to remain ahead of the Columbus criminal defense game.

Ethics and professionalism

Once upon a time, attorneys viewed their profession as one of importance. They respected each other, and they were respected within the community.

Our law firm still believes in the traditional qualities of ethics and professionalism. We worked to achieve the highest peer ratings obtainable at an early age, and we continue to build strong ties in the Columbus, Ohio legal community. Call us old fashioned, but we believe that honesty, professionalism and ethics never go out of style.

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