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Avoid going from Super Buzzed to Super Bummed at the Super Bowl

DUI after the SuperBowl

Take it from drunk driving attorneys Yavitch & Palmer, you don’t want this

“The police ain’t here to start no trouble / They just want you to do the Super Bowl shuffle … ”

prepare for the super bowl shuffle

Some people really want to watch the big game. These folks really care which team wins, or what the score is. Some people watch only for the commercials. No matter what the motivation, Super Bowl parties contain one universal truth: There’s food and booze.

People love having an excuse to consume booze on an ordinary Sunday evening in February. And, let’s face it, the big game marks the end of our beloved football for another season. Why not celebrate? After all, it’s the last time until September that we can party with football.

Here’s the problem, unless the party is at your house, you have to get there and back somehow. Unless the bar, house, or gathering where you’re watching the game is within walking distance, there’s a temptation to drive.

So, without thinking, we knock back a 12 pack, consume ridiculous amounts of awesome party food, and run back and forth to the bathroom so we don’t miss the commercials. We might even stick around till the end of the game to see if we won the betting pool or “square game.” The Super Bowl quickly turns into Super Buzz.

Then, leaving the carnage of chicken wing bones and Doritos crumbs behind, we fire up the family truckster and hit the road.

Aside from the fact that Super Bowl Sunday is one of the riskiest times to drive all year, the problem is that not everyone is off work on Sunday night. Rest assured the local sheriff, city police, and highway patrol are working. And they are chomping at the bit to clear the road of drunk Super Bowl partiers.

They will be all too happy to pull over drivers for going a meager five miles over the speed limit, or rolling through the old neighborhood stop sign that everyone ignores. Why? Because they are playing with house odds. It’s likely the driver smells like booze, ranch dressing, and chicken wings.

What’s the lesson? Uber, taxi cab, sober spouse, 16-year-old son, or even good, old-fashioned sobriety.

But the problem is the problem. With booze involved, even the best laid plans go awry. Maybe you forgot your phone, or Uber was busy, or the cab didn’t show, or your spouse got drunk too, or whatever. Then you find yourself on the side of the road with a trooper’s flashlight in your face and the cruiser lights in the rear view mirror.

Call a Columbus drunk driving lawyer

Then what? Simple. Call us, your trusted DUI attorneys. Put our number in your phone now: 614-224-6142. Don’t try to make important decisions on the side of the road under that kind of pressure, even if you think you are OK. Get some legal advice. Otherwise you may find yourself doing the Super Bowl Shuffle right to the back of the cruiser in cuffs.

Yavitch & Palmer: We know what to do. And we will be at home drinking soft drinks waiting to answer your call for help at all hours.

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