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Understanding Criminal Law in Columbus, OH

Laws are constantly changing. Understanding criminal law in Ohio can be a daunting process and becomes easier with professional help. If you are being charged with a crime, look for criminal defense lawyer to help you understand criminal law at the local and state level. He or she will know all the latest changes as well as standard criminal laws at the local and state level.
New criminal law in Ohio—Senate Bill 77 to protect the falsely accused

Senate Bill 77 is intended to help to reduce crime, save lives, and avoid putting innocent people behind bars. The new bill sets standards for all of Ohio, including Columbus, requiring—

  • Retention of biological evidence for up to 30 years
  • Improved “blind” procedures for suspect lineups
  • Encouragement for law enforcement officers to record interrogations
  • DNA collection from all those who commit a felony, effective after July 1, 2011
  • This advancement in criminal justice brings excellent protection for people falsely accused or wrongly convicted of crimes. It gives defense attorneys in Columbus and all of Ohio the power to seek exoneration for clients who may not have committed any crimes at all. According to The Columbus Dispatch, five men who were falsely convicted have been exonerated based on DNA testing in the past ten years.

    Your attorney experienced in criminal defense in Columbus, Ohio will know the latest laws and any changes, helping you to find the way through your criminal proceedings, working in your defense.

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