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Understanding the Appeal Process

After a trial concludes, the losing litigant (defendant or plaintiff) may decide to begin the appeal process in an attempt to overturn the decision. The appellant is the person making the appeal and the appellee is the person defending against the appeal.

In a criminal case, either side may appeal the verdict and pursue a new ruling, but evidence must be present that the case involved a legal error that may have affected the outcome of the case. An attorney specializing in criminal defense in Columbus, Ohio can lead you through the appeal process from start to finish. Having an experienced and qualified attorney on the case gives you a much better opportunity for a successful appeal.

Reasons to file an appeal

After a guilty judgment, you can file an appeal within 30 days in Ohio, including Columbus. Reasons to file an appeal after a guilty verdict may include legal errors, such as inadmissible evidence or lack of sufficient evidence to reach a guilty verdict, mistakes by the judge, or lack of sufficient assistance by your counsel. Other reasons may include availability of new evidence or juror misconduct.
criminal defense lawyer

Doing anything for the first time can be confusing. A licensed defense attorney can help you file a criminal appeal with the greatest chance of success due to years of experience and a team of legal experts at your disposal.

In the Ohio Courts of Appeals, a three-judge panel presides over each case. Your criminal defense lawyer can help you with the following steps as part of the criminal appeal process.

File a Notice of Appeal within ten days of conviction
Order the trial transcript within ten days of filing the Notice of Appeal
File a brief with a summary of why the recent court’s decision was wrong. (This must be done within 40 days of the court record’s filing.)
Prepare the appendix, which includes the charge, findings or opinion, the court’s decision, related docket entries, related pleadings, and portions of the record referenced in the appeal argument

Having a criminal defense lawyer available to assist you can be invaluable based on the amount of documentation you need to prepare for your appeal, not to mention peace of mind. Your attorney will guide you through the steps of filing a criminal appeal, ensuring you complete every requirement satisfactorily.

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