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At the law firm of Yavitch & Palmer, our Columbus and Ohio criminal defense lawyers focus their practice of law exclusively on criminal defense, including our experience as DUI lawyers. With a solid reputation for persistence and assertive work on behalf of our clients, our law firm’s criminal defense attorneys routinely handle a broad range of felonies and misdemeanors involving adult and juvenile offenders. Examples of our cases include DUI, drug crimes, white collar offenses, sexual assault and abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, homicide, assault and battery, robbery and burglary, underage drinking, vandalism, and driver's license suspension. The firm handles appellate work at the local, state, and federal levels. We also assist in other post-conviction matters, such as expungement, sealing of records, probation and parole violations, and post-conviction petitions.

Your Columbus Criminal Attorneys

You need a criminal lawyer in Columbus, Ohio who gets that being charged with a crime doesn’t mean you’re guilty. You need an accessible and honest attorney who speaks your language, not legalese. And you need a criminal defense attorney who knows how to achieve the best possible outcome.

That’s why at Yavitch & Palmer, we get to know you on a personal level, why we’re available 24/7, and why we insist on connecting with you one-on-one. Because no two cases are the same, and neither are our clients’ needs.

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About Yavitch & Palmer, AV-Rated Firm

Our approach is a personal one. We recognize that those who walk through our doors are good people in bad situations, each with an individual set of problems. We don’t treat clients as numbers or nameless, faceless cases. Rather, we get to know them by spending time one-on-one and providing honest, personal counsel.

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Meet Our Criminal Attorneys

Should your case require a trial, our vast network of attorneys and experts are just a call away. From DNA specialists to Polygraph professionals, we routinely partner with the best to reach optimal outcomes. They’re our Trial Defense Team, and they’re here to support our attorneys in crafting the best defense for your case.

Criminal Defense Advice

For the past 10 years, Steve has offered countless radio callers with legal (and non-legal) insight on a wide range of problems. He currently appears on 99.7 the Blitz every Wednesday morning with Loper and Randi.

If you missed him on the air, or want to hear him again, check out the latest:

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Q: How much will it cost for you to handle my case?

We typically assess legal fees on a flat rate basis. The amount of the flat rate depends on many factors, such as type of charge, jurisdiction, and prior criminal record.

Q: What can I expect on the day of court?

Courts often schedule multiple cases at the same time and date. Depending on the jurisdiction, your case may not be heard exactly at the time scheduled and delays are inevitable. You will nonetheless need to be present at your scheduled time. We will make contact with you there as soon as possible and provide updates and discuss the situation

Q: What is the fee for a consultation?

We provide a free consultation with no obligation to hire our office. Your initial appointment is an opportunity for our attorneys to gather information about your situation and answer your questions in person. At this consultation, we can help analyze your problem, discuss your options, and discuss legal fees.


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