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Appellate procedures in Ohio

When a jury or judge renders a decision in a criminal trial, the defendant has the right to appeal the decision. Many criminal cases that result in litigation go on to the appeals process.

Appellate law involves the appeals process whereby a higher court reviews the lower court’s judgment. Unlike other forms of litigation, in appellate law there is no discovery. The appellate record is limited to the facts presented during the original trial. In Ohio, appeals are presented to a three-judge appellate panel. Because appeals are decided almost entirely on the written briefs, a compelling appellate brief and a powerful oral argument are the vital tools of a successful legal advocate’s appeal.

Along with aggressive criminal defense and litigation capability, Yavitch & Palmer maintains a significant appellate practice. More than two decades of collective appellate experience enable our attorneys to blend the elements essential to prepare an effective appeal. These include thorough legal research, an in-depth analysis of the appellate problem and familiarity with the appellate judges and courts.

Recognized for substantive knowledge of the appellate process, our Columbus criminal appeals attorneys handle appeals at all appellate levels of the Ohio state and federal court systems.

If you need assistance with a criminal appeal or if you have questions about appellate procedure in Ohio, please call the Columbus criminal defense law firm of Yavitch & Palmer at 614-224-6142 to arrange an appointment or contact the firm online.

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