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Drug Possession


Columbus Drug Crimes Defense Attorneys

In Ohio, drug possession is defined as the possession of illegal drugs for personal use, distribution, or sale. Drug possession also refers to the possession of controlled substances such as prescription medications.  It can also include the possession of compounds or mixtures that are often used to make or manufacture illegal drugs. The possession or use of prescribed medication without a prescription is equally serious.

Intent to Sell or Distribute

If the drug possession charges being brought against you include a charge of intent to sell or distribute, your punishment could be even more serious than they would be for simple possession. The distinction of “intent to distribute” is generally determined by the amount of the drug found in your possession, and the understood rate at which a person could use that drug alone. Drug dealing is an extremely serious crime.

Contact a Columbus Drug Crimes Attorney

If you or someone you know is facing drug possession charges in Ohio, contact a Columbus drug crimes defense attorney at the Columbus, Ohio office of Yavitch & Palmerat at 614-224-6142 or fill out our Web contact form.

The Ohio criminal defense attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. of Columbus have a reputation for forceful cross-examination and negotiation. We are known for the personal care we give to each of our clients and the relentless effort with which we pursue all of our cases. We make sure our clients understand the charges and possible consequences so they can be as involved as possible in the entire legal process.

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