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Criminal Attorneys Defend Your Kidnapping Case


Ohio laws on abduction and extortion

Kidnapping is a serious charge in Ohio carrying some of the harshest legal penalties hands-down. Convictions of abducting or holding people against their will can lead to extensive jail time and steep fines. When facing a charge of kidnapping, you need an experienced and motivated attorney on your side. The criminal defense lawyers at Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. vigorously fight the accusations made against you.

Kidnapping according to Ohio law

According to official statutes, it is illegal to remove people from the place where they are found or to restrain their liberty in any way. Abduction under Ohio law is the removal of another person from the place they are found by force, threat, restraint or to hold another in involuntary servitude.  Kidnapping under Ohio law is the abduction for the purposes of:

  • Holding for ransom
  • Facilitating a felony
  • Terrorizing or inflicting harm
  • Engaging in sexual acts
  • Impeding government activity
  • Forcing involuntary service

In the eyes of the law, there is no reasonable excuse for kidnapping. You must prove that you were not involved or that the circumstances did not qualify as a kidnapping to avoid a felony conviction.

The penalties of a kidnapping charge are severe

Because of the seriousness of the crime, any kidnapping in Ohio is always charged as a first-degree felony. Punishment for kidnapping includes a possible sentence of ten years to life imprisonment. Facing these kinds of penalties, it is critical to have a strong defense prepared. A kidnapping charge can be reduced is if the victim is returned unharmed to a safe location, in which case the charges can be reduced to a second-degree felony.

While this might not seem like much of a difference, if the victim is harmed or killed, additional charges of assault or murder can also be brought up, multiplying the penalties.

Choose the right lawyers if you’ve been arrested for kidnapping in Ohio

Set up a meeting with Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. at our downtown Columbus office to discuss the charges against you. We make sure that your defense strategy is sound. Call us today at 614.224.6142 or fill out our online contact form.

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