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Can a DUI/OVI charge affect your college admission?

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A look at how Ohio colleges and universities handle DUI/OVI charges

While most people realize that a DUI conviction will have an adverse impact on their ability and freedom to drive, an aspect that’s often overlooked is how it can affect admission into a college or university. So, how can a DUI conviction affect your plans for higher education?

Applying to college with a DUI

If you get a DUI before you go to college, it could affect your application process. Many college applications require you to list any convictions or arrests you may have, including DUIs. Although some colleges may admit you if you have completed an alcohol counseling program, others may deny your application outright. A college’s choice to deny your application may vary depending on how many DUI convictions you have, along with the severity of each conviction (i.e., misdemeanor vs. felony).

Post-Admission DUI Consequences

Columbus criminal defense attorneyIf your DUI occurs during college, the consequences will typically be governed by the policies put in place by your college or university. The repercussions can include:

  • Mandatory counseling: Some colleges and universities will require you to complete an alcohol counseling program. Failure to complete the program may result in academic suspension.
  • Loss of student housing: If your DUI occurs while you are residing in a college–sponsored living space, your college or university may require you to move.
  • Suspension from school programs: After a DUI, a college may choose to suspend you from any extracurricular activities you’re a part of, including sports teams, fraternities/sororities, and art or music programs.
  • Temporary/permanent suspension: If your DUI conviction is particularly severe, or if you incur multiple DUI convictions, your college may seek to temporarily or permanently suspend your admission.

How a DUI affects Financial Aid and Scholarships

Columbus criminal defense lawyerWhile a DUI conviction might not keep you from attending college legally, the financial effects of your conviction can limit your education options.

College is expensive, so the ability to acquire financial aid is critical. Unfortunately, a DUI conviction may make it difficult to get a scholarship. Federal programs, in particular, will typically not award financial aid to applicants with a criminal background, which includes DUIs. While private scholarships may be more lenient, they could still decline aid if you have multiple DUIs, or a particularly serious conviction.

If the DUI occurs while you are already attending school, your federal aid and scholarships may be discontinued. Without this funding, you might not be able to continue attending your college or university.

Your career opportunities after a DUI

Even if your DUI conviction is overlooked and you are allowed to attend (or continue attending) your college, the impact can still affect your intended career path. Governmental and state agencies may restrict your licensure based off of your criminal background, which can prevent you from pursuing certain employment opportunities. What’s more, if your college or university knows that your background will prevent you from attaining a career in your academic field, your advisor might ask you to pick another career path.

How a Columbus drunk driving lawyer can help

Yavitch & Palmer believes everyone deserves an opportunity to attend the college or university of their choosing with as few Columbus Criminal Defense Attorneyobstacles as possible. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, and you’re worried about how the consequences can affect your education and subsequent career, contact one of Yavitch & Palmer’s Columbus DUI lawyers. They will analyze every aspect of your case and work to get your drunk driving charges reduced, or even completely dropped.

Call Yavitch & Palmer today at 614-224-6142 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment at our Downtown Columbus office to discuss your DUI/OVI charge.

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