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Lawyer Talk: Off The Record

Yavitch & Palmer has been practicing criminal defense in Columbus, Ohio and around the state for nearly 25 years, representing many good people in bad situations. Many of you might already know Steve Palmer from his Wednesday morning radio call-in show on 99.7 The Blitz. Now Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill are sharing their insights, advice and opinions on the news and topics that are important to you in a weekly podcast. You can listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc. – you can click subscribe using the links below – or listen to episodes right here on our website – a new episode will be added each week!

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Got a question or topic you would like to hear us cover? Type in the box below, then check back each week to listen. We will try to cover it in upcoming episodes.

Introducing The Show at 511

Big changes are coming – be the first on your block to hear about them! Take a trip down memory lane with the guys about how Lawyer Talk first started and get the inside scoop on the new 511 show and other happenings. The guys cover everything from their favorite episodes, the Storm Area 51 project, Mueller, fake news, government intervention, the latest developments with the government and vaping, the future of CBD and hemp in Ohio, and what’s in a name.

Episode 113 – Beards, Music, Family and Fun

Come hang with some family and friends of the Lawyer Talk crew! Our special guests include Dwayne Napper, Stephen Linn, Matt Palmer and Drew Palmer. Stephen Linn is not only the not-evil creative genius behind most of the Lawyer Talk art that appears on our Instagram and Facebook, but he is also Jeff’s favorite brother. The guys hang out and talk fireworks, go-kart racing, what they did for the 4th, finding an outlet for creativity, graphic design, songwriting, music theory, guitar, upright bass, horrible Albuquerque drivers, speeding on the reservation, and scorpions in your shoes.

Episode 112 – Storming Area 51, When Cops Are Wrong, and Dirtbag News

Would you like to know if the government is hiding aliens in Area 51? A million people have signed up on Facebook to charge it “Naruto-style” to find out. We discuss why the idea of police planting evidence is so hard for people to believe – and the recent case of a Jackson County Florida police officer who has been charged with 52 counts of racketeering for planting meth on potentially hundreds of suspects.  And we discuss the disturbing details surrounding Jeff Epstein, the Lolita Express and some of those on the list of Epstein’s rich, famous, and powerful enablers.

Episode 111 – Meet Taylor

Meet Taylor, the new Research and Media guru at Lawyer Talk and law student extraordinaire at Antonin Scalia Law School. Everyone talks Steve’s strategy to get A’s in law school, how D.C. compares to Columbus, flawless jokes, prison engagements, hermaphrodite frogs, listener questions, and a couple of recent cases in the news out of Portsmouth, Ohio. One involves former local Portsmouth judge, Judge Marshall, who was discovered to have been presiding over cases drunk for years – as well as possibly involved in a sex-trafficking ring with local public defender Mike Moran.

Episode 110 – 4th of July Special!

Mmmm, what’s that? Smells like freedom and fireworks! Come ring the Liberty Bell with us as we sit back and talk barbecue, fun facts about the history of the 4th of July, tannerite, firearms, American ingenuity and homemade firework recipes, buying fireworks in Ohio and saying goodbye to the “Liar’s Law,” plans for the 4th, go karts, why Uber and Lyft should be sponsors, day drinking, and the most common reasons why we will still be answering our phones at Yavitch & Palmer this 4th of July holiday. Have a happy – and safe – 4th of July everyone!

Episode 109 – Here Come Da Judge – Judge Chris Brown, Franklin County Court of Common Pleas

At the age of 35, Judge Chris Brown was one of the youngest people to ever be elected to serve as a Franklin County Common Pleas judge. Both a former prosecutor and a former defense attorney with a lot of jury trials under his belt, he definitely knew his way around the courtroom, and from the perspective of both sides of the bench. The guys swap stories about lawyers, judges, political animals and Ohio courtrooms. Judge Brown (but just call him Chris if you are playing basketball with him) shares what judges usually want from the lawyers who appear in front of them in the courtroom, what running for judge is really like – and why judges are the loneliest names on the election ballot.

Episode 108 – The Original Bluegrass of Dwayne Napper – Special Guest Series

Ohio’s own Dwayne Napper performs some of his original songs, including “Rodeo Clown,” live in-studio for the Lawyer Talk audience and crew. Dwayne talks about country, bluegrass, growing up in Vinton County, getting his start in music, where he gets his inspiration for his songs, his new band, and what he’s up to now.

Episode 107 – It’s a Grand Old Flag! Lawyer Talk Flag Day

Old Glory has a birthday every June 14.  Hear all about the Flag, how to handle it, and the history of Flag Day.  The Lawyer Talk crew discusses the First Amendment, Colin Kaepernick, patriotism, nationalism, and why some people love and some people hate the flag.  Who else dedicates an entire podcast episode to Flag Day?  Only the folks at Lawyer Talk.

Episode 106 – Doc Pelloski and the Cancer Scare

What substances and foods cause cancer? Is inflammation the real culprit behind many cancers? Special guest Doc Pelloski is an expert on cancer biology and shares actual scientific study data with us. He explains the different effects that smoke and vapor has on the lungs, why so many foods cause inflammation and problems in our bodies, the real story behind “Popcorn Lung” that will surprise you, the 3,000 chemicals released by cigarettes, and the lack of scientific reasons to worry about vaping.

Episode 105 – The Case of Masonique Saunders

Julius Tate, Jr. pulled a gun on an undercover officer in a sting operation and was killed by another police officer. So why was his girlfriend Masonique Saunders charged with his murder?  The lawyers of Lawyer Talk discuss juvenile bindovers, firearm specifications, felonies, robberies, conspiracy and why you should be wary of buying things from strangers on Craigslist. They explain the Ohio felony murder rule that maintains that if a person is killed during the commission of a felony, accomplices to the crime can be charged even if they aren’t directly responsible for the individual’s death. Other states have abolished the felony murder rule. Should Ohio?

Episode 104 – Crystal Bruce Follow Up – What Happened

Last week we discussed the The Crystal Bruce murder trial that was about to begin – now we tell you what actually happened. Listen in to get the rest of the story and hear what Shawn Belville’s family had to say, what will happen to Crystal Bruce, how criminal cases are often resolved and why, and other cases we will be covering in the future.

Episode 103 – The Akron Murder Trial of Crystal Bruce

The Crystal Bruce murder trial is about to get underway in Akron. Get an insider’s look at behind-the-scenes information surrounding this stranger-than-fiction true crime story. Shawn Belville, 44, died of a stab wound in September 2017 at the home that he shared with girlfriend Crystal Bruce in Akron, Ohio. The story behind how he received that stab wound – well, that has changed a few times. The guys talk fact patterns, physical evidence, witnesses, evidence tampering and subpoenas. Was it suicide or murder? What would you think? Bringing you ongoing first-hand coverage and expert legal analysis.

Episode 102 – Hackers, Lawyers, Cyber Crimes and Internet Security

What exactly is hacking and how do you protect yourself from it? John Sellers, who was 8 when he built his first computer, shares internet security knowledge that can help keep you safe. What is the easiest way to prevent people from accessing your webcam? What is the best way to protect yourself online? Which is more secure and harder for hackers to figure out – a long password or a complex password?  We talk the roots of hacking, Ferris Bueller, cyber crimes, Jeff Bezos, keeping your personal information and your money safe, protecting your identity online including your social media profiles, and why you should treat public Wi-Fi like the Ark of the Covenant.

Episode 101 – Seascaping and Bitcoin

An American who made a ton of money in Bitcoin decides he wants to be free from any country’s laws and decides to create his own Utopian Waterworld off of the coast of Thailand. Thinking he was “seascaping” in untouchable international waters, he reaches out to others on social media to come join him. But the government of Thailand decides they aren’t having it. Find out what happens next, as the guys cover Bitcoin, why video cards are so darn expensive now, the dark web, what happens when you leave the country without a passport, ocean fugitives, pirates, Viking marauders, extradition laws, and why you don’t want to mess with the government of Thailand.

Episode 100 – What is Entrapment? The Legend of Cocaine Island

What do Netflix, “Back to the Future,” and federal court have in common? The guys talk cars, DeLorean, the new Netflix documentary, “The Legend of Cocaine Island,” what constitutes entrapment, federal drug cases and being a federal agent’s “unicorn,” fairy-tales, and the legal perspective on one man’s true redemption story..

Episode 099 – Is CBD Legal?

CBD oils and products are everywhere – but is buying, selling, and using them actually legal? Some people mistakenly thought that the 2014 Farm Bill made CBD oil legal, but a man from Lewis Center, Ohio was recently stopped with a half empty vial of CBD oil in his car that he had purchased in a shop in Columbus and was facing felony drug charges because of it. But the FDA recently approved Epidiolex, a CBD product that treats epileptic seizures. While that seems to predict eventual legal outlets for other CBD products, in the near term it means even more confusion around the legality of CBD.

But Senate Bill 57 in Ohio recently passed, and should begin to lay the groundwork for CBD regulations in Ohio. In the meantime, Jared Blinsky and John Sellers of Advanced Vapor in Westerville and Steve Palmer of Yavitch & Palmer in Columbus share lots of important science, health, marketing and legal information about CBD that you should know.

Episode 098 – The Vaping Special

We all know that cigarettes can cause cancer and everyone is for helping people quit smoking. We know switching to vaping has helped many people quit smoking. So why is there talk within the federal government of banning vaping, but not smoking?

John Sellers and Jared Blinsky from Advanced Vapor in Westerville and Steve Palmer drop some real world knowledge and research on ‘popcorn lung’, teenagers, smoking vs. vaping, chemicals, why some vapes will have a chemical additive and others won’t, the importance of education, and CBD.

Have questions? Jared or John can answer them in person at Advanced Vapor at 536 S. State St. in Westerville, Ohio. Or hit them up on Facebook: @Advancedvaporwesterville

Episode 097 – Vaping and Big Tobacco

What is the inside story – and the science – behind vaping? We’ve heard that vaping helps people quit smoking, and Jared shares his own story of going from smoking over a pack a day to quitting within three days by switching to vaping. Our guest John from the Advanced Vapor store in Westerville joins us to talk a bit about the science that makes vape work. But what is the real scoop on the pros and cons of vaping? And how deeply are Big Tobacco and the government involved in controlling the vaping industry? You might be surprised…

If you can, be sure to swing by the store to say hi to Jared and John at Advanced Vapor, 536 S. State Street in Westerville.  Or connect with them on Facebook: @Advancedvaporwesterville

Episode 096 – Everybody Deserves to Go to College Hollywood Style

How do some of the rich and famous make sure their kids get into the college of their dreams? The recent college entrance bribery and conspiracy scandal sheds new light on the creative, fraudulent – should we say Shameless – ways the rich (like Felicity Huffman, William H. Macy and Aunt Becky)  can buy preferential access for their kids – at the expense of yours. More than 50 people have been charged. How will federal criminal charges change their lives? Realities of the federal criminal investigation process. “Help me to help you.” Creative judges and odd sentences. Would it be better if the wealthy had to pony up more for their crimes?

Let us know if you would be for the Aunt Becky Scholarship Fund! Message us above – or on Facebook – @OhioLegalDefense

Episode 095 – Extra Extra Hear All About It! 3-22-19

Yea Mon!  After a week away in Jamaica, we are back bringing you the news. Catch up on crucial news about guns in New Zealand, criminals in cages, salsa balls, dirty Columbus Police Cop, mad cows in the Bronx, No Michigan Marijuana for you!, smuggling with T-Shirt cannons, a quick First Amendment tutorial, and lots more.

Episode 094 – Local Politics, Law and Old Cars with Norm Murdock of Team Blitz

Norm Murdock is a bit of what you might call a Renaissance Man – he’s done a lot, he’s read a lot – and he knows a lot about a lot of things. An entrepreneur who has owned his own business since high school, he has raced cars, has a journalism degree and a law degree and has also been a lobbyist for many organizations in Ohio.

The guys cover a lot of ground: changes in education, social evolution, too much screen time, Alexa reading bedtime stories to kids, political systems, inside local political scoop, society losing it’s grasp on scientific principles, participation trophies, racing, rebuilding cars, legal history, delicious Lobster of the Creek and much more. Come hang out with the guys at the Moose Lodge!

If you are an old car buff, especially if you are into the old Ford Capris, make sure to check out Norm’s website  –  Murdock’s company just happens to have the largest selection of Capri auto parts in the world.

Episode 093 – From Fight Boys to Journeymen – Armando Ancona, Wild Bill and G

MMA legends Armando (Mando) Ancona and Wild Bill return to update us on what they are doing now and they bring a special guest, G to share his story. The guys talk about giving back and how training, sparring and boxing can be the game-changer that can give teenagers in particular the outlet, the confidence, and the sense of purpose and belonging that can make all the difference in their lives at a pivotal time.

They have all been on a journey to get where they are today, which is why Mando and Wild Bill are announcing their upcoming Journeymen Podcast – so stay tuned! In the meantime you can check them out on Instagram at Journeymen Podcast. If you have questions or are interested in training with either of them, feel free to reach out to us at and we’ll get you in touch.

Episode 091 – Gun Law with Derek DeBrosse of Munitions Law Group

Is it legal to tell people you are carrying a firearm to get them to back off?  If your employer doesn’t allow employees to carry guns, but allows customers to bring guns into the business, what can happen if you use a gun to defend yourself in the event of a robbery? What does it take to obtain an FFL, or open a gun store?

We talk with Derek DeBrosse, partner at Munitions Law Group, a law firm dedicated exclusively to representing gun owners and firearms-related businesses. Derek is a regular guest speaker on legal topics for the NRA, as well as an NRA and USCCA Firearms Instructor. An Iraq war combat veteran as well, DeBrosse has a unique combination of real-world and legal firearms experience and drops a ton of firearms law knowledge on us. He and Steve Palmer, partner and veteran criminal defense attorney at Yavitch & Palmer, also discuss their experiences working together to not only successfully defend people accused of firearms-related charges, but to restore those individuals’ gun rights.

Episode 090 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 3-1-19

More breaking news from Lawyer Talk.  Hear all about Cohen, Snakes on Planes, CBD raids, liar liar house on fire, Tinder for cows (really), nude roller coasting, the Arnold Expo is germy, hello and goodbye to your Walmart greeter, drugs and girl scouting go together like pbj, there ain’t no draft for men OR women,  what are your change needs?  and much much more.

Episode 089 – Emergency Preparedness and Safety Training with Nick Keisel, Ark Safety Consulting

If there is an active shooter event or other type of emergency, would your school, business or church be prepared? Would you know what to do? We talk with Nick Keisel, the owner of Ark Safety Consulting in central Ohio, who helps individuals, businesses, schools and churches stay safe by being prepared for the type of unexpected events that we unfortunately see happen too often in everyday places in the news. The guys talk threat assessment, site vulnerability assessment, cyberbullying, Ohio K-12 drill compliance, active shooter response training and mental preparedness.

Nick has an extensive security background with over 18 years of military, law enforcement and school safety experience. In 2000, he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served eight years active duty in the Military Police and Criminal Investigation fields. Nick’s first assignment was with the Presidential Helicopter Squadron (Marine One Security). He traveled extensively in support of the President. Nick was later promoted to an assignment in the Internal Security Department. In 2005, upon graduating from the Apprentice Special Agent Course in Missouri, he became a Criminal Investigator and was assigned to Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California.

​After moving to Ohio Nick joined the Reynoldsburg Police Department in 2009. In 2012 he accepted a role as a School Resource Officer with the Reynoldsburg City School District. In late 2015, the District recognized Nick’s contributions to school safety and hired him as their Director of Safety and Security.

Nick now utilizes his extensive security experience at Ark Safety Consulting, helping institutions proactively identify security issues and train their people to have the necessary knowledge and level of mental preparedness to not only give them peace of mind, but also how to react quickly and effectively in an emergency situation.

For more information about Ark and the services they provide, please visit:

Episode 088 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 2-22-19

Megaton Doomsday Bombshells from Russia with love. The Cosby kids are doing alright in the joint.  Fake news on purpose. What does your girl drink? Pepsi or Coke.  Washington’s B-Day. Kiss the WWII goodby. Celebrate a Miracle on Ice.  Do it all while pullin’ tubes with the pres, who’s pitching his own green deal.

Episode 087 – A.I. Took Our Jobs! Is Universal Basic Income the Answer?

Computers, A.I. and automation are in the process of making a lot of jobs obsolete. 2020 Presidential candidate Andrew Yang is running on a platform of Universal Basic Income (UBI) or Freedom Dividend. UBI would provide every person in the United States a monthly cash payment, kind of like the U.S. paying everyone a dividend for the success of the technology industry and for being a member of the United States of America Club. Yang says the numbers work and that the benefits to society – and the economy – greatly outweigh the price tag.

The guys talk pros and cons, capitalism and socialism, math, more cowbell, Jeff’s kids wanting to make sure other kids have candy too, and if sharing the candy ultimately helps everyone enjoy their candy more.

Episode 086 – Lawyer Talk: Let Us Know!

Calling all listeners!  The crew needs your feedback! Listen to this episode and please leave your opinions in the box above.  And you may learn a thing or two about Valentine’s Day, lawyer advertising, class actions and drunk driving too. Thanks for your feedback – and thanks for listening!

Episode 085 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It News 2-8-19

It’s the weekend edition of Lawyer Talk – fun and wacky news time! Dave Chappelle, machete-wielding truckers, Megyn Kelly and inappropriate Halloween costumes, PETA and mountain lion attacks, governors gone wild and much more.

Episode 084 – Grab Bag

Our listeners ask legal questions – and we give you answers!

The guys discuss photo arrays and why eyewitness identifications are the most unreliable, pleading no contest versus pleading guilty and per se negligence, legal issues that arise especially in bad weather, and much much more.

Episode 083 – Extra Extra Hear All About It

On the eve of Groundhog Day, get your weekly news fix; hear all about the latest and greatest stories from around the globe; and place your bets now with the most reliable Super Bowl predictions.

Episode 082 – The Arrest of “The Dirty Trickster” Roger Stone

“Politics is show business for ugly people.” – Roger Stone

Trump advisor Roger Stone was arrested by Robert Mueller’s team on January 25th for making false statements to Congress, obstructing justice and witness tampering. But the rest of the story is perhaps the best of the story with this colorful political operative who was a force behind many presidential campaigns from Nixon to Trump. There are hundreds of news stories that will discuss Roger Stone in terms of collusion, conspiracy and perjury – but what about the personal stuff, like his penchant for swinging, Nixon back tattoos and bodybuilding? Besides the usual legal insights and predictions, count on the Lawyer Talk crew for all of the details.

Hear about the man behind the indictment in United States of America v. Roger Jason Stone, Jr., what might lie ahead, and if Stone might follow his own advice: “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”

Episode 081 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 1-25-19

Friday 1-25-19 news with the Lawyer Talk Crew.  Get a close shave on your manhood with your new razor advertisement.  Learn how to sue the the NFL refs.  Saints and cheaters.  Can the cops use your face to unlock your phone?  A creative way to pay for the wall.  Suck that plastic straw. And much much more.

Episode 080 – Students Are People Too – Legal Rights at School

What rights do kids have at school? How does the Fourth Amendment – the protection against unreasonable search and seizure – apply in a school setting? One of our listeners asked, “Can they search my kid’s backpack at school?” The lawyers at Lawyer Talk – who are also experienced criminal defense attorneys who have handled many juvenile cases – answer this question. And they cover a lot of related information that parents, relatives and teens should know, from “reasonable suspicion” standards and exceptions, what teens as a group do most often with their cell phones that is actually a crime, to occasions when well-meaning parents have been manipulated into cooperating with school officials and police – to the detriment of their kids.

Episode 079 – Breaking News 1-18-19 Trump and Cohen and Suspicions of Obstruction

An “extra” news extra. Breaking news about Trump and Cohen. Did he really tell Cohen to lie? Or is this just Buzzfeed bombshell crying wolf. Trump says no. Dems say yes. What’s in store for the next 2 years? Tune in for the real scoop from the Lawyer Talk crew, and hear predictions that transcend impeachment.

Episode 078 – Extra Extra Hear all About It 1-18-19

More great news. Tune in to hear about breaking stories of fast food in the White House, guns in 3D, elephants in boxes, high on drones, firearm proctology from your family doctor, and much much more.

Episode 077 – All in All, It’s Just Lawyers Talking The Wall

News coverage of the debate and endless political posturing surrounding “The Wall” is virtually 24/7. So, which side are you on – or are you on the fence, and why? Over 1 million people enter the U.S. legally every year – not enough, too much, or just right? The guys discuss the parking lot analogy, caravans, Trump, Pelosi, international welfare, immigration reform, where all illegal alien criminals want to go when they are in criminal court in the U.S., and drones, fences, concrete barriers, border patrol – and is a wall even worth it, when maybe all you really need is a good ladder?

Episode 076 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 1-11-19

More breaking news covered by the Lawyer Talk crew.  Hear all about killing for Outback; sleeping with dogs; Second Amendment, HR8 and Gun Control; the need for weed; and much, much, more!

Episode 075 – CBD Pros and Cons – Is CBD Oil Legal?

CBD oil is being advertised and sold all over the place – but is it actually legal?

The murkiness of the 2018 Farm Bill and why it is not the CBD oil floodgate some people think it is. Multi-level marketing companies, Amazon and hemp extract, the opiate crisis, Big Liquor, Charlotte’s Web, pesticides, additives and reading labels, government regulations – and what happens when federal law and state law don’t agree.

Have a question for us, legal or otherwise? Reach us at – or just use the form above!

Episode 074 – Lawyer Talk Extra Extra Hear All About It 1-4-19

More headlines from the Lawyer Talk crew. Don’t count on the weekend fake news. Hear all about Trump and his tweets, wrestlers with “dread” locks instead of head locks, the latest terrorist screening techniques, sloppy joes at the Castle, and much, much, more!!

Episode 073 – Lawyer Talk 2019

It’s an action- and info-packed sneak peek into what’s happening with Lawyer Talk and predictions for 2019 with guest Jace Blinsky. The 50th anniversary of Woodstock, CBD oil and medical marijuana, Stand Your Ground, Pike County murders updates, perjury, impeachment, Trump, Kevin Spacey, prosecutors and defenders, upcoming guests and new shows, setting goals, Mamma B, Keto diet updates – and favorite Keto diet cheat foods.

Episode 072 – Lawyer Talk New Year’s Eve 2018

The crew wraps up the holidays with a New Year’s send off. Simple gifts, Trump knives, a bit of news, and how not to get a DUI. Be Safe, have fun, and listen to Lawyer Talk Off the Record in 2019!

Episode 071 – Keep Standing Your Ground, Or Not

Veteran Franklin County prosecuting attorney Michael Hughes joins us to discuss the Ohio House Bill 228, otherwise known as the Stand Your Ground bill. What are the political realities, what the law says as it stands now, and what the potential changes might be and what they would mean for people, as well as soon as who you should call first if you ever harm someone while acting in self-defense. How often do the prosecution and the defense agree? You might be surprised.

Episode 070 – Extra Extra Hear All about It Christmas News and Lawyer Talk

Fresh news, including updates about Facebook sharing your personal information. How far did they go – and did you really give permission? Thoughts on the government storing everyone’s DNA information at birth – good or horrible idea? Kasich’s veto of the self-defense/stand your ground bill. The first medical marijuana dispensary is opening in two weeks in Ohio – does your doctor’s recommend that you get high? Also, new details about the Pike County Murders, including some we predicted in an earlier podcast. Plus lots lots more, including the Lawyer Talk and Yavitch & Palmer Christmas party, including cool gifts we got, like books about the Constitution and a machete!

We want to wish everyone happy holidays, and to thank you our listeners – and celebrate 70 episodes in 2018! And we’re planning lots of new things for LT OTR season 2 in 2019, so stay tuned!

Episode 069 – “The Immortal” UFC Legend Matt Brown

Nicknamed “The Immortal”, MMA fighter Matt Brown had twenty-one UFC wins and was on Season 7 of The Ultimate Fighter. Matt shares lots of stories including tons of UFC inside scoop, the rest of the story behind his fights, giving up drugs and booze, and how adopting the Jocko Willinks philosophy of “discipline equals freedom” changed his life.

Matt also talks with the guys about Musashi and fighter philosophy, personal training, eating right and Trucking Delicious, an update on what’s going on with him now, and helping the guys with their training on a weekly basis at his new gym, Immortal Martial Arts Center in Lewis Center Ohio, where he and his instructors help people train and teach classes on Muay Thai, Strike Fit, and MMA.

Check them out  at

Episode 068 – What’s Cooking with Momma B

Ho ho ho! Want some recipes that are great for the holidays, but won’t require you to don pants of Santa proportions afterwards? Momma B has you covered! Some great sweet and non-sweet recipes and ideas that are surprisingly low-carb, perfect for holiday entertaining – and enjoying all year round. The guys talk about how the Keto challenge is working for them so far, and Momma B gives more shopping, meal prep and dining out tips and tricks to use for great results.

Episode 067 – Extra Extra Hear All About It

Special episodes, commentary on the latest headlines by popular demand, coming to you every Friday! This week hear about Christmas Songs, No Christmas Songs, Candy “J’s,” Trump, Cohen, and much, much more.

Episode 066 – This Must Be Fake News

It’s a grab bag of fun as we go through some recent quirky news stories as well as discuss the lack of social correctness of much-loved classic Christmas specials, and whether saying “Merry Christmas” to a stranger is socially acceptable.

In Boston, MA, Suffolk County district attorney-elect Rachael Rollins announces that her office does not plan on prosecuting 15 petty crimes – including breaking and entering.

In the Netherlands, a 69-year-old man attempts to legally change his age because he identifies as a 49 year-old.

Kevin Hart and the Oscars controversy, the ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ and the ‘scoop of dessert’ controversy, Twitter and censorship, Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression vs. Dana Carvey’s George Bush impression,  Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and misogyny, the Charlie Brown Christmas Special and Franklin getting the broken chair, and Jimmy Stewart and the Heat Miser. And who doesn’t like a humble Bumble?

Episode 065 – Introducing Cooking With Momma B

Revolutionize your diet and change your health – with Momma B’s down-home but better way to cook! When Jared Blinsky’s dad was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic, Mrs. Blinsky refused to accept it. She did her research, applied her legendary culinary skills – and got cooking!

What happened next? Three months after eating Momma B’s new way of cooking everyday, Mr. B shocked his doctor by dropping his A1C from 6+ to 4.7, and no longer needed diabetes medication.  In less than a year, he dropped 40 pounds – and went from a 38 to a 32 inch waist. When asked by his doctor what he was doing, he replied, “I just eat what my wife puts on the table.”

Find out how to work the Momma B magic in your own kitchen! Get great recipe tips and tricks – and find out why this way of eating works. Is sugar more addictive than heroin? Why is there so much obesity and diabetes? “Just with changing their diet, people can reverse diabetes.”

“You get the 6-pack in the kitchen, not the gym.” The guys do a weigh-in, start their own weight-loss challenge, and embrace some Momma B wisdom: “It’s better to do it now, instead of when you have to do it.” More to come with Momma B!

Episode 064 – Constitutional Law And Free Speech Part 2

“The question becomes…are we using governmental power to force certain citizens to believe or think a certain way? I think that’s impossible. I think not only is it impossible… it’s unconstitutional.”

How much power do you want the government to have? We all believe in free speech, don’t we? Free speech is core to the American value system and of course the Bill of Rights. But what about when what is being said seems anti-American, morally repugnant – or just plain disgusting? Should there be limits? And who decides?

Episode 063 – Stand Your Ground

When and where does “Stand Your Ground” apply?  What are the factors that define self-defense? Can punching someone be legally considered deadly force? Why is Ohio currently one of the hardest places to prove self-defense, and what are the changes to the law that will have a significant impact?

Jared shares his personal connection to the upcoming State of Ohio vs. Crystal Bruce trial that is scheduled to begin on December 3, 2018 in Akron, Ohio and shares some of unbelievable details.

Steve, Jeff and Jared talk deadly force, the George Zimmerman trial, CCW, the duty to retreat and the Castle Doctrine, and throwing stars, Samurai swords and barbeque tools as weapons.

Episode 062 – Gobble Gobble – It’s Turkey Talk, A Thanksgiving Edition of Lawyer Talk

It’s a Thanksgiving smorgasbord! Wild turkeys, drinking in the garage, corn souffle, the potential perils of the in-laws house, the downside of having two thanksgiving dinners in one day, why state troopers are so cranky on Thanksgiving, the post-Thanksgiving Keto diet challenge, and the most common and colorful reasons that people get in trouble over Thanksgiving – and why we are in the office on Black Friday..

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!

But if you do get extra colorful over the holiday and need some help, you know where to find us –

And if you are in the Columbus area this Sunday after Thanksgiving and could use some real fun – as in big screen football, trying the best chili recipes in town, hanging with cool people, supporting a great local charity benefiting deserving kids – and being part of the first ever Lawyer Talk live event at The Grandview Theater and Drafthouse – shenanigans will happen! – check it out:

Episode 061 – Pike County Murders Update 2018

The Pike County massacre, the execution-style murder of 8 members of the Rhoden family in 2016, rocked this rural southeast Ohio community and made national headlines. What followed was the largest homicide investigation in Ohio history that just last week culminated in the arrests of four members of another Pike county family, the Wagners. The Rhodens and the Wagners – southeast Ohio’s version of the Hatfields and McCoys.

Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill explain grand juries, death penalty specifications, conspiracies and overt acts, and as usual give the off the record details about bug zappers and homemade silencers, Walmart shoes as evidence, pets being used as counter surveillance – and the surface is just being scratched.

Episode 060 – Constitutional Law, Free Speech and Politics

“The problem comes when somebody wants to use the government to shut the other side up…that’s when it gets really dicey…”

Where and when do your constitutional rights apply? At work? At school? Do you give up some of your constitutional rights when you go to private school? What should you know about kids, cell phones and free speech? Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill drop some surprising knowledge, then things get extra interesting when Colin Kaepernick, Tim Tebow, men in tights and political protests get stirred into the mix.

Don’t forget the Chili Bowl next Sunday, November 25, 2018 at the Grandview Theater and Drafthouse! For more information, check out:

Episode 059 – Mail Call #2 Election Edition What Is Attorney-Client Privilege?

Our audience asks us some great questions – and we answer them! “Do you advise using dash-cams?”, “What does attorney-client privilege mean?”, “Should I go to law school at 46?”,  “If you delete a dash-cam video after an accident, is that destroying evidence?”, “Has Jeff considered a less-stressful practice area like real estate?”, and “Jeff’s voice is a dead-ringer for what celebrity?” Ok, what would your answer be to that last one?

Steve, Jared and Bill answer our most recent listener questions, try to avoid talking about the election, and also discuss the opiate problem, why adding Constitutional amendments is usually not a good thing, why attorney-client privilege never applies to jailhouse phone calls, and why there are so many Russian car crash videos on YouTube.

Also, find out what prompts Lawyer Steve Palmer to say, “I hate lawyers. God, I hate lawyers…”

Episode 058 – Psychic Talk – Halloween Special Edition

Psychic Christopher Scott reads Steve, Jared, Shorty and Bill – as well as the karma in the 511 studios building – in this special Halloween edition of Lawyer Talk. Who has the most interesting ancestors? Who will find love next year? Who needs to take their vitamins? We introduce you to this well-known Columbus, Ohio psychic and discuss family-psychic connections, 100-year-old crystal balls, how Christopher’s readings work, and the good karma in the Yavitch & Palmer building.

Episode 057 – Ohio Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical marijuana has been legal in Ohio since September 8, 2018 – so why haven’t we heard more about it? Where are the dispensaries? What doctors can recommend marijuana for their patients? Who can legally buy and sell CBD oils in Ohio?

Steve, Jared and Bill share some fun facts and inside stories behind Ohio’s first legal “grow operations.” Well, not legal by federal law…more on that.

But the State of Ohio was so efficient in their launching of the Ohio Medical Marijuana program.
Haha, just kidding – they weren’t.

Episode 056 – Lawyer Talk: Mail Call #1 – We Got Mail. You Get Answers.

Can you still get a speeding ticket if they get your name wrong? Does a police officer have to be in a marked cruiser to pull you over? Can you refuse a breath test if you have a prior DUI/OVI conviction? Can I get my felony expunged?

We’ve got mail! Our intrepid listeners sent in some of their legal questions, and we give answers!  Join Steve, Jeff and Jared as they talk upcoming changes to the law, The Blitz, legal Q & A, Mad Men, using vaping to give up cigarettes, bagpiping lessons, Traeger grills, and the upcoming November 25th Chili Bowl. Do you make an awesome chili, or do you just love eating it? Have fun while you’re helping others and be there when we record Lawyer Talk live! Make sure to check out for more information.

Got a legal question you’d like answered? Send it to us at and we might answer it on the next Mail Call episode!

Episode 055 – Fight Boys Are Back: Billy Vaughan and Armando Ancona Talk Khabib vs. McGregor

The Fight Boys are back to share more boxing and MMA stories! The guys talk Buster Douglas and Mike Tyson, professional boxing rings, the rise of MMA, street fighting, bare knuckle, and the double punch, UFC’s whiskey deal with Conor McGregor, Michael Bradley, Matt Brown, and inside stories. The guys also talk Khabib and McGregor and make some predictions about the fight – did they get it right?

Episode 054 – Fightcast – MMA Legends Billy Vaughan and Armando Ancona

It’s on! MMA/boxing legends Billy Vaughan and Armando Ancona join the guys to discuss life, setting goals, kids, the spectrum, boxing, UFC, MMA,  going into Keto during a fight, fasting, water loading, weigh-ins, cold showers, the upcoming Khabib vs. McGregor match-up, and where you can train locally like an MMA star.

Episode 053 – The Kavanaugh Hearing: Breaking News

Catch up on what went on with the Kavanaugh hearings this week and late breaking news. Join Steve, Jeff, Jared and Bill in this bonus episode of Lawyer Talk as they discuss Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford, facts, opinions, the legal perspective, big picture issues, critical thinking, Democrats, Republicans, Trump, Animal Farm –  and government-mandated diversity: diversity or conformity?

Episode 052 – Chasing “Golden” Ambulances with Goldstein

We’ve all seen the ads: I don’t get paid until you get paid! Ever wonder how real Personal Injury lawyers work, what they know about insurance companies that you don’t, and how they actually get injured people compensated?

Experienced Personal Injury Attorney David Goldstein of David A. Goldstein Co., L.P.A. joins Steve, Jeff and Jared to drop some knowledge on you. Can your homeowner’s policy not pay if you forget to turn your alarm on? When to participate – or not – in a class action. What’s the best 12 bucks you can spend on insurance? And of course, more on the Bird and the Lime.

Episode 051 – Upcoming Charity Chili Cook-off with Lawyer Talk and the Parker Lee Foundation

It’s a Chili Bowl cook-off for a great cause in Central Ohio – and you’re invited! Join Steve, Jeff and Jared as they sit down with Kim Lee Niswander, the CEO and Co-founder of the Parker Lee Foundation, a non-profit organization in Columbus that promotes charitable groups and local causes which help improve the quality of life for disabled and disadvantaged children in the Central Ohio area.

The guys talk about how Yavitch & Palmer began partnering with the Parker Lee Foundation and Directions for Youth, the story behind why the Eric J. Yavitch Scholarship Fund was created, how doing good makes you feel good, the PBR10k, strategies for winning Chili cook-offs – and, how PLF is unique: they are a true “grass roots” charity with a difference: 100% of every dollar they raise goes directly to the recipients. And the PLF events are a lot of fun! This year’s Chili Bowl will take place at the Grandview Theater on Sunday November 25th – come for a great day of watching OSU football on a huge screen, eating awesome chili, drinking beer, hanging with the Lawyer Talk gang and being part of the show – and feeling great while we’re raising money for a great cause!

Find out more about the Parker Lee Foundation and tickets:

Episode 050 – Prosecutors are Lawyers Too…Just Ask Emily

Lawyers talking with the enemy. Swapping courtroom drama with a 10-year veteran prosecutor.  Reflections on murder, mayhem, and whether juries notice a male lawyer’s shoes as much as they notice a female lawyer’s shoes.  Emily shares her unique perspective on juries, defense lawyers and the justice system. Learn how (and why) she got out alive and survived the courtroom battlefield.

Episode 049 – The Art of a Trial

Witnesses are against you, the judge won’t admit your evidence – so how does a lawyer win what seems to be an impossible trial?

Steve, Jeff, Bill and Jared recently worked on a felony trial together and give you a blow-by-blow inside look at what actually went down. If you are a lawyer – you should listen to this. If you might need to hire a lawyer to defend you in court – you should definitely listen to this.

The guys talk focus groups, investigators, how to prepare, the importance of understanding people and reading the room, voir dire, mishaps with courthouse alarms, the pressure cooker of the courtroom, lawyer egos – and how to check them at the door.

Episode 048 – Labor Day Drinking, Swapping and Cooking With The Beard

Bonus episode for the holiday – hang with us this Labor Day weekend! We’re talking day-drinking, local swap meets, and of course – food!

Steve, Jeff and Jared talk the Swapper’s Meet in Johnstown this weekend, Flaming Beard Burgers, Jared’s meatloaf recipe, hot peppers and lots of cooking tips.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend!

Episode 047 – Scooters + OSU Football = Tailgating Squared

Thinking about taking one of the new Lime or Bird scooters for a spin and want to know which is better? We tested both and give you a head-to-head comparison.

This weekend is a 3-day weekend, the start of OSU football – normally we are talking about red cups and tailgating – but now that these new scooters are now all over OSU’s campus and in the mix, we predict that this will create a “perfect storm” of increased mayhem.

Steve, Jeff and Jared talk reckless operation, DUI, bicycle law vs. scooter law, and good and bad scooter riders and why they remind us of the movie “Twister”.

Episode 046 – Scooters of Prey: The Millennial Force

“Everybody run – it’s a flock of Birds!”

Have you seen the scooters that are littering the city lately? Or perhaps you’ve witnessed – or been part of – one of the hair-raising stunts and near-collisions (and collisions)? The Bird and Lime scooters are sharing the roadways and sidewalks now in Columbus and many other cities – and throughout OSU’s campus. What are the legal and safety ramifications that surround this newer, Uber-ized, mostly unregulated mode of transportation?

Steve, Jeff and Jared cover everything from reckless operation, liability and what the problem is with trying to use a scooter to avoid a DUI – to DBDs (designated Bird drivers), bunny hopping, Bird-pooling, Bird-Littering –  just who are these battery-charging elves? – and Bird vs. Lime: when in doubt, joust!

Episode 045 – The Blinsky Chronicles -14- It’s a Wrap

The story of the chronicles have unfolded – so what’s next? Hint: a lot more fun stuff!

Years after the Nemesis, Agent X, a jaw-dropping verdict and the probation officer from hell, find out what’s been going on with Jared – and what’s next. Steve, Jeff and Jared talk losing fingers, “regular guy” clothes, the last Blockbuster, classic movies like Easy Money, Demolition Man, and Blade, making your own tools to fix things and how farm boy ingenuity helped the Americans win WWII, the Circle of Trust, OSU students and the new electric birds descending upon Columbus.

Steve, Jeff and Jared will be featuring many new people on Lawyer Talk with stories you won’t want to miss. And the guys share some of the fun new things they are planning, including hitting the streets  – maybe both literally and figuratively (you’ll soon see what we mean) – so stay tuned!

Got a story? Hit us up!

Episode 044 – The Blinsky Chronicles -13- The Pen and Probation – 30 Days in the Hole Part 2

Jared talks about the realities of federal prison and not having any control of your life, then what house arrest and probation were like. The guys talk strip searches, prison guards gone bad, when 30 days is too much and 5 years is not enough, doing weekly drops, when your probation officer is pulling for you to fail – and how to really disappoint him.

Episode 043 – The Blinsky Chronicles -12- The Federal Pen is the Federal Pen: 30 Days in the Hole

What is federal prison really like? What would you do if was pointed out to you on your first day that you are the only one there who is counting their time in days instead of years?

Hear a first-hand account from Jared about his time in the federal penitentiary as he talks with the guys about standing your ground, making friends, motorcycle club colors, translating restaurant skills into the realities of a prison kitchen job, “Not for human consumption” sardines as bedtime snacks, the recipe for mop-bucket apple pie, and the Fox News room at the Pen.

Episode 042 – The Blinsky Chronicles -11- Judgment Day: Sweat, Tears, and Who the Hell is Dick Wolf?

“I was like ‘man, he’s fighting for me….my future is at stake, right here, right now.’ You didn’t cookie-cutter it, and you went full-in…..and I thank you for that.”

“It was powerful….and people were hanging on every word.”

Blinsky Inc. The high life. Federal drug charges. Now, would the real Jared Blinsky please stand up?

Find out what actually happened at sentencing – long after the Chicken Man, Agent X and the Nemesis – when it boils down to a U.S. Attorney who wants to play last minute hardball, a federal judge, a mayor, a fireman, the real Jared Blinsky – and Dick Wolf.

Find out what actually went down on Judgment Day – you won’t believe your ears.

Episode 041 – The Blinsky Chronicles -10- Remember the Heroes

Who are you? Who were you before? Who will you become?

Before Agent X, before the Nemesis, Jared Blinsky was so moved by the events of 9/11 that in 2002 he created the annual Ride for Pride that has been taking place in central Ohio ever since. It’s primary purpose was to honor the men and women who served our country, and it peacefully brought together very diverse groups of bikers, including the Axemen, the Gunslingers, the Outlaws and B.A.C.A.. The ride grew each year to create the Ohio Fallen Heroes Memorial in Sunbury, Ohio, honoring all Ohio military killed in the war on terrorism.

Fast-forward to 2009 when Jared has been caught as “the ringleader” of an extensive local grow operation and has pled guilty to charges that carry a minimum 5-years federal prison sentence.  Will the judge be motivated to override the mandatory minimum? Wait til you hear the rest of the story…

The guys talk mitigation, throwing the horns, sentencing hearings, 51k, and adding color to the space-time continuum.

Episode 040 – The Blinsky Chronicles-9-Meet Your Nemesis

After pleading guilty to a federal crime, dealing with the pre-sentencing interview and report comes next. The probation officer writes a report that is meant to help the judge decide sentencing. But what if your probation officer doesn’t like you?

Jared talks frankly with Steve and Jeff about how his dyslexia and ADHD adversely affected this meeting. The guys talk coping strategies, knowing what’s in your checking account, allocution, the importance of really getting to know your client – and how to get a judge to look up at you over their glasses.

Episode 039 – The Blinsky Chronicles-8-Velvet Curtains and Constitutional Rights

Ever wondered what it would be like to be processed into a federal detention center, waiting prosecution? What federal court is like? Or what it would feel like if given the choice to give up some of your constitutional rights – for the rest of your life – in exchange for a few extra years of freedom?

In this eighth episode of The Blinsky Chronicles, Jared talks with the guys about brown paper bag socks, going from being the tough guy to asking God to walk with him for whatever came next, and the day he met Steve Palmer in person for the first time – and Steve’s surprising advice to Jared. “As you said it, you laid a hand on my shoulder, you looked into my eyes……and that made me breathe…”

Episode 038 – Red, White, and Bombed–Booze, Drugs, and Fireworks

Exercise your freedom to party while retaining your liberty this holiday – especially when it comes to the trifecta of reasons we see people in our office after the 4th of July celebrations: booze, drugs and fireworks. Whether you are going to be at Red, White and BOOM! or elsewhere, the guys share some pro tips to get through the holiday celebrating unscathed – as well as share some stories where plenty of scathing goes on..

Steve, Jeff and Jared talk Fireworks Wars, Red White and Blue shots, peaceful coexistence with police horses, Mid-Ohio, vintage motorcycles and the largest motorcycle swap meet in the country, monkey leashes, Solo cups vs. Dixie cups, if wall-to-wall traffic makes you a better driver, and Uber: the ultimate ‘stranger danger’ app?

Be safe and have a happy 4th everyone!

But if things end up taking a wrong turn and you need some problems solved, give us a call: 614 – 224 – 6142. You can ask for Steve, Jeff or Bill.

We’ll be here!

Episode 037 – DUI 360–#9–PBTs and Aussie Fraud

Are portable breath tests (PBTs) reliable? When are they used? Can you just say “no thank you” to one?

What if the people who were wearing guns and badges had the ability to fake the test results that could help land you in jail? Sound unbelievable? That’s exactly what was discovered in Australia recently, where law enforcement officers faked over 258,000 breath tests in five years.

In this intro episode on breath tests, Steve, Jeff and Jared also discuss crazy people in New Jersey, constitutional rights, whether eating late night at Taco Bell constitutes probable cause, making the cover of Busted magazine, why Australia isn’t so awesome, the corrupting nature of power, and how we love the checks and balances in the American system.

Yet another reason we had to break up with England…..Happy Birthday, America!

Episode 036 – The Blinsky Brisket

Be a barbecuing patriot, a cookout hero – and declare your independence from boring food this 4th of July! Learn the real-deal secrets behind how the pros make delicious barbecue and brisket from food entrepreneur, caterer and former owner of Route 62 BBQ, Jared Blinsky.

How to time it to succulent perfection, how to make your own unique smoker, how to pick your brisket, how to make mop sauce, white barbeque sauce and Conrico.
Just another reason why we had to break it off with England….
Rock on, America!!

Episode 035 – DUI 360–#8–Hop Scotch on One Leg

Listen as ‘Officer Jeff’ tests Jared by the book – as in, the actual manual that law enforcement uses when they pull someone over in a traffic stop. Standardized Field Sobriety Tests, or SFSTs, can be challenging for most of us on a good day.  We’ve previously talked Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (the pen test) and Walking the Line. In this episode we drop some knowledge about the OLS, or the One Leg Stand – the third horse of the SFST apocalypse.

Steve, Jeff and Jared also talk Dirtbag Mondays, flossing, Steve Martin and “The Man with Two Brains”, riding on your rims, swaying, raising arms for balance, the “acceleration clause” and other cool dance moves, and the Smartie defense. And we ask the question, is the goal to be accurate, or to just “secure a conviction?”   You might be surprised by what the NHTSA manual actually says..

Have your own experience with a Field Sobriety Test? Tell us about it – we love stories! Have questions or comments? Send them to, or just use the email form at the top of this page. We will keep your identity private unless you tell us otherwise, but would love to share your stories – and answer your questions – in upcoming episodes!

Episode 034 – The Blinsky Chronicles- 7 -Chicken Man, Grasshopper And Fly Fishing

When a bunch of young guys from Ohio who are flush with cash from their local grow operation decide to buy a limo off of Ebay, they decide to make an event out of their trip to pick it up in New York City. Custom suits, loud dinners in Little Italy, booze and weed-fueled parties, and the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf Astoria. Like Ohio does the movie “Swingers” in NYC. But turns out the Russians with the limo for sale are under federal investigation – and it’s not for growing weed….

Also covered: fun facts about how the law defines a conspiracy, and possession vs. ownership.

Find out what happens next when guns, drugs, airstrips and some unsavory Russians are added to the mix….why the feds might find it hard to believe that you just like fly fishing…and what can be the unintended consequences of buying a limo off of Ebay.

Episode 033 – Lawyer Talk v. Ohio v. The World Podcast – Hanging with Alex Hastie

Gum-chewers Unite!  Alex Hastie, host of the popular “Ohio vs. The World” podcast joins the guys this week to discuss famous and infamous Ohioans, Michael Fay, vandalism, accidental huffing, elevator urine detection technology, caning, the death penalty and the downside to being an overly clean, crime-free country – or – “why you should avoid vacationing in Singapore if you like gum,”  the Scopes monkey trial and the early 20th century trend-setting party boy and America’s greatest lawyer Clarence Darrow  – and how sometimes awesome lawyers can seem very non-lawyerly.

Why risk is the price of freedom, liquor law and pairing your podcast with the right beer, Elvis Juice and our favorite Scottish neighbor Brew Dog, fun with history, mis-tweeting, bocce ball and the best Italian restaurants in Ohio, “larping”, and sneak peeks at upcoming Ohio v. World and Lawyer Talk: Off the Record episodes and goings-on that you won’t want to miss.

Episode 032 – The Blinsky Chronicles – 6b – Hot and Ready – Agent X, We Meet Again…and The Defense Begins

What would you do if years later, you ran into the man who was responsible for bringing your life as you knew it to a screeching halt? What Jared did when he ran into Agent X years later might surprise you.

The guys also talk CBD oils, vape stores, the local D.E.A., cheap pizza and barbecue on china, telling on yourself, and creative ways to get the government to like you.

Episode 031 – We Love Juries!

Don’t we all judge each other when we first walk into a room?

“We pass judgements on people all the time whether you like it or not. When you walked in, I looked at how you were dressed, at what you were doing, I looked at who you were talking to, I looked at your body language. I judged you, whether I want to admit that out loud or not – but I’m going to admit it, because I think you are sitting there thinking the same things about me too. Whether it’s about my beard, or where I’m from, … or what my job is – you’re making judgements whether you want to admit it or not.”

Sometimes the government overreaches – and when someone is wrongfully accused of a crime and it goes to trial, we need to make sure the jury hears the whole story in order to help them reach the right decision.

Jeff and Bill discuss their recent trial success with Steve and Jared and the guys talk about how focus groups are a critical part of their trial prep when deciding how to best convey the all-important “rest of the story” to juries – and how it can make all the difference in people’s lives.

Episode 030 – The Blinsky Chronicles–6a–Agent X, We Meet Again…and The Defense Begins

Steve,Jeff and Jared talk Weed Porn, High Times, silver trays of weed at the Christmas party and posting dumb pics, search and seizure, being polite to the S.W.A.T. team, guns, drugs and the federal sentencing guidelines, tomatoes and The Lakers, directional microphones,  eggshell skulls, snitches, forfeiture laws, the hidden stash, converting cash to drugs, possession, the D.E.A., volcanoes, and federal agents making sweet love in the trash cases.

Talking barbecue and Buckeyes with federal marshals, Larry Flint Jr. and the Larry Scare, having a greenhouse in the basement, when the Feds take your phones – who’s Stinky? – chatter, and when the friendly guy in the ball cap ends up being the head honcho – hello, Agent X.

Episode 029 – DUI 360–#7–Brother, What’s Your Inseam (And What Does That Have To Do With DUI?)?

What does your age, your weight, your back issues and high heels all have in common?  According to the NHTSA manual, they are all things that can impair your ability to correctly perform Field Sobriety Tests – yet most people don’t know this, many officers tend to not clarify it – and what you don’t know can hurt you in a traffic stop.

Since Steve and Jeff are looking out for you, they have thoroughly read the huge research study about drunk and non-drunk people that the NHTSA manual utilizes – and tell you what you need to know. They even tell you how to easily get your own copy of the manual. You can start your own study group! Or just keep listening. Yes, listening is better.

Episode 028 – The Blinsky Chronicles –5– Bloody Knives, Mellow Yellow…What Are We Doing and Why Are We Doing It

“Everyone’s got a story…but it’s what you do with that story, what music do you make, how does it inspire you in other ways…I’ve gone through this awful time in my life and it’s inspired me to create this….and I think that’s why we’re telling this story.”

Have you ever looked back on something that you did and cringed? Really, who hasn’t.

But have you ever recorded yourself describing in intimate detail what you did and how you were, over what you would consider to be the worst period of your life –  and then listened to it? Jared has – for this series – and says he didn’t like listening to what he said.

So mid-stream, the guys step back and discuss the “why” and the “what” behind The BC. Why they are doing it, and what it means to them.

Jared talks about how going through it all helped him, and how he would like to help someone else by sharing his story. The guys also discuss parents, President Shorty, Chef Rick and his amazing brunch burritos, wrestling with employees (literally), teaching your kids the rules so they know which ones to break, and how to land the most important job of your life.

Episode 027 – DUI 360 #6 – Checkpoint Chickie

This weekend is not only the unofficial start of summer, it also marks the time when DUI checkpoint season is in full swing –  and the whole gang is here to drop some knowledge on you!

If you’ve missed out on the DUI 360 series so far, this is a great place to start: Steve, Jeff, Bill and Jared recap some of the more important points – and share valuable new information about the ins and outs of random DUI checkpoints that you will want to know – not only for holiday weekends –  but all year round.

In addition to covering some interesting constitutional issues –  including the Bill of Rights and limitations on search and seizure –  the guys cover a lot of other ground, from J.T. Barrett, Muirfield and the Memorial Tournament, day-drinking scenarios, beer on ice, drinking and driving with a golf cart, whether walking the line is easier if you’re left-handed, the two things a DUI checkpoint must do to be constitutional, Uber, Cheech and Chong, Fat Daddy Caddies, the roach motel, Buford Pusser, Barney Fife, The Andy Griffith Show – to how to not let the Checkpoint Chickie Trail of Tears ruin your weekend BBQ plans.

Episode 026 – The Blinsky BBQ Break – Smokin’ the Butt (It’s Done When It’s Done)

Barbecue like a Boss!!
Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, we present you with a special recipe how-to episode from the guys at Lawyer Talk, home of The Blinsky Chronicles. Jared Blinsky, former owner of the well-known Route 62 BBQ in Johnstown, shares his tips, tricks and recipes for some of his most-loved dishes, including his delectable smoked pork shoulder – the cut of meat that is also known as “Boston Butt”, that provides us with beautiful piles of pulled pork deliciousness – as well as his famed Chicken Cheddar Bacon Ranch Macaroni Salad, including the secret ingredient you would never guess (no, it’s not in the name).

And this weekend we especially remember, thank and honor the great men and women who have served our country and protected our freedoms – and we also celebrate them by observing the great American tradition of enjoying some smokin’ good BBQ. Smoke on!!

Episode 025 – The Blinsky Chronicles –4– Anxiety, Telescopes and a Trunk Full of Weed

What would you do if a neighbor told you that it looked like federal agents were sitting in a neighbor’s truck day after day with telescopes pointed towards you –  but then absolutely nothing happened for months?

“When people don’t get arrested and taken away in handcuffs, that’s calculated most of the time… (law enforcement agents) are trying to get information…(people are) being watched whether they know it or not…”  – Steve Palmer

Jared, Steve and Jeff talk about the interesting – and sometimes surprising – ways in which federal and local law enforcement conduct criminal investigations, what brought Jared to Yavitch & Palmer’s office 10 years ago, the significance of round tables, Eau de Weed and midnight landscaping, CPAP weed masks, Emergency Breakdowns, Fox and “feets on the streets”, Waterbeds & Stuff and Fix-a Flat, confidential informants, pajamas, fruit loops and online poker, license plate renewals – and dope-dealing 101.

Episode 024 – DUI 360 #5b – Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line

And a-one, and a-two, and a-three, and a-four…let’s go nail the Walk and Turn!  You’re pretty coordinated – you’ve got this! Or maybe not.

You’ve seen it on TV many times. An officer asks you to walk a line for him. You know what to do, right? You walk a line heel to toe the entire way, you pivot – and stick the landing like Mary Lou Retton – boom! Then the officer says you are under arrest for suspicion of DUI/OVI.

What went wrong?  Officers are looking for completely different things than what you think. Steve and Jeff give you the actual instructions that an officer would give you – and what he or she is actually grading you on – and it will surprise you.

Besides taking us to FST (Field Sobriety Test) school, Steve and Jeff also talk sugarplums, David Copperfield, banjo music, Johnny Cash, refusing to walk the line, tricks to winning carnival games, the legalized scam that is The Crane Game, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus, Happy Gilmore, breaking your stance, going to your happy place, and how FSTs are like The Crane Game: you might normally have the skill to do it, but if you don’t know the secret, you’re not going to win it.

Episode 023 – The Blinsky Chronicles –3– The High Life

A Cadillac Brougham, “Flo bud”, Harleys, grow operations and selling $25 napkins at the country club. Becoming the Kingpin and living the high life. For a time. Then one of the crew turns informant, there are recording devices in the cornfields – whoops, that’s incriminating – and everything changes.

How members of the local PD who were customers at his restaurant found out they were raiding Jared’s house one morning, culminating in The United States of America vs. Jared Blinsky. Jared shares with us how he had been stealing from himself – and why he later knew that he had been caught at the right time.

Jared, Steve and Jeff talk turkey – and about getting life back on track after losing your co-pilot, how a school project made from yarn can be a good arson defense, door tubes, what can happen when drinking is part of the job, dyslexia, German engineering, Caddyshack, ledgers, having no one to tell on but dead people – and taking door number three in a federal case.

Episode 022 – DUI 360 # 5a – Because You’re Mine, I Walk the Line

You can just say no to alcohol and drugs. You can also just say no to Field Sobriety Tests. In this information-packed DUI 360 episode, Steve, Jeff and Bill talk the FST Trilogy, including Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and the whole nystagmus family, procedures for the Walk and Turn, why railroad tracks and the movie “Stand By Me” can be a crucial part of a DUI defense, the Bill Meeks cross examination, Charles Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s words of wisdom, why your attorney might not want to ask open-ended questions at trial, esoteric nonsense, Jedi mind tricks, and the NHTSA manual.

“You can’t in my opinion represent someone on a drunk driving unless you know this thing inside and out – because this is what the officers are relying on to charge your client. ..You’re not going to know the rules unless you sit down and read them.” – Jeff Linn, humble and seriously effective DUI attorney who has done his homework – and knows his stuff backward and forward, inside and out (and his clients love him for it).

BONUS: Cross-examination fun with Steve and Bill!

Episode 021 – The Blinsky Chronicles – 2 – There’s More…Wait for it…Wait for it…

“About a month after that accident, my door gets kicked open – Federal Marshals. I look out the window because I see them coming in and I say to myself, “today’s the day…” – Jared Blinsky

Jared, Steve and Jeff recount the stories surrounding how Steve and Jared met. The guys talk Memorial Day, Harley Davidson, motorcycle accidents and being dead twice in one day, “I’ve got a harvest to do but it ain’t that,” Snoop Dog, George Bush, the Ride for Pride, the Ozarks, the barter system, $25 napkins, a few more guys and then you have a conspiracy, the Feds and Blinsky Incorporated, the Kingpin, being too big for your britches and being bulletproof – until you’re not.

And you won’t believe the rest of the story….

Episode 020 – DUI 360 #4 – The BIGGER Question

In previous episodes of the DUI 360 series, Steve and Jeff answered the very important question – to blow, or not to blow. So what could be an even bigger question when someone is pulled over and asked, “have you been drinking tonight?”

To FST, or not to FST. The FST, which stands for Field Sobriety Test, is the stuff from which funny outtakes of “Cops” episodes are made.

But you only had a couple of drinks, and the officer is just asking for a quick test and then you can be on your way. Shouldn’t be an issue, right? And at least it’s not a breathalyzer. Besides, what choice do you have – you have to take it, right?

Steve and Jeff set the record straight – off the record, but on the air – and what they have to say might surprise you.

Episode 019 – The Blinsky Chronicles – 1 – BBQ, Blinsky & Vape

“Which of me do you want to talk to? There was a while where I had two lives. I had a side life…I had one life that was shown and one that happened when the sun set.”  – Jared Blinsky

Steve and Jeff talk with Jared Blinsky, owner of Advanced Vapor in Westerville and local food icon and a former owner of Route 62 BBQ in Johnstown, Ohio. In this first episode of The Blinsky Chronicles, the guys talk BBQ, brisket, secret recipes and the 23 years that Jared spent in the food industry, why he wanted to open a vape shop (“I wanted to legally sell a controlled substance”), Street Outlaws, bikers, Harleys, weddings, pies, Shorty and the American flag.

It’s easy to tell the guys all know each other really well, but spoiler alert: this relationship between Blinsky and the guys started as a professional one at Yavitch & Palmer. Stay tuned to find out why as the story continues…

Episode 018 – Parking Lot Wars

What are the rules – legal and social –  when it’s private property?

Steve and Jeff share true stories and the view from the downtown Columbus/Brewery District parking hotspot, 511 S. High.  We learn fun facts about loitering, trespassing, “the cigarette debacle”,  the fact that Steve is now “the Man”, and that in addition to all of his other skills, Jeff is some kind of movie savant and can quote Willy Wonka by heart. One of the first episodes that we recorded, but are just releasing now, hope you enjoy.

Episode 017 – The Blinsky Chronicles – Are you Ready?..It’s Coming May 1

We’re gonna make you laugh. We’re gonna make you cry. We’re gonna make you wonder how it could all be true. But it is.

Tune in May 1 for an unprecedented, unedited, and uncensored tale of American life, adversity and redemption.

We take you along for the ride as we dive into the deep end of one man’s life. He’s a central Ohio food icon known by many, but not many know the rest of his story – until now. Come along with us for this unbelievable journey and first-hand account. Starting on May 1st, you won’t believe your ears – and you won’t be able to pull away.

Episode 016 – Looking For Likes In All The Wrong Places And Other Online Woes

What are we really doing when we post to social media?

Steve and Jeff talk Facebook feedback loops and little hits of happiness, teenagers and the perceived social norms that can get them into legal trouble, Chef Jeff’s Instagram habit, how “Dear Diary” has become “Dear World”, crossing the legal line online, and going off the grid – or maybe just “no-screen Sundays”.

Episode 015 – Taxes and the Common Joe Part 2

Who is this chick named RITA who keeps sending me letters?

In part 2, Glenn Harper of Harper & Company CPA Plus does a deeper dive with Steve and Jeff about how individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses can stay on the right side of the law when it comes to their state, local and federal taxes – and strategies for how to get things back on track when needed.

Episode 014 – Taxes and the Common Joe Part 1

It’s a Tax Season bonus edition!

Steve and Jeff talk with Glenn Harper of Harper & Company CPA Plus about what small businesses should do to plan ahead and stay on the right of the law with the I.R.S..

Episode 013 – DUI 360 #3 – First, Kill All The Lawyers (Unless You Have A DUI)

What do William Shakespeare and drunk driving law have in common?

Steve and Jeff talk occupational driving privileges, LDPs, Ohio’s 3-day OVI intervention vacation or the klink, bedbugs and the law, probation and the county variance, it’s all about the judges, arraignments, fines and court costs, time spent and mandatory minimums.

Episode 012 – DUI 360 #2b – The Big Question – To Blow Or Not To Blow – License Suspensions and Other Consequences

In part one of this DUI 360 episode we discussed why if you don’t know French, and you’re given the choice to not take the French test, then maybe don’t take that test. As in: no way, André..

In part two, Steve and Jeff reveal more about the two ways you can be charged with DUI (OVI in Ohio), the two types of license suspensions, double agents for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, knuckling up and ignoring the 90 day shiny spoon and waiting for the minnow, and winner, winner chicken dinner: here’s your administrative license suspension.

Episode 011 – Fighting Outside the Ring – Conor McGregor, the Russians and Crime-Related Over-Indulgence

Steve and Jeff discuss MMA fighter Conor McGregor’s freak-out revenge attack against the Russians at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center last night – “hot blood” or premeditated felony assault? And is it the same focus and intensity that drives you and makes you great at something, that also gets you in trouble?

The guys discuss defending celebrities who get in trouble with the law, trespassing, criminal damaging, felony assault and bar fights, Jeff’s man-crush on Conor McGregor, McGregor’s animal walk and ability to warp time in the ring, Joe Rogan and MMA, Tiger Woods, golf, Russians and petite Estonians,  the Mickey referral, toothbrush whittling, and writing the check – until you can’t.

Episode 010 – DUI 360 #2a – The Big Question – To Blow Or Not To Blow

To blow, or not to blow? That is the question…that Steve and Jeff answer in this first of a 2-part DUI 360 episode. And it’s probably the most common question that they have received from hundreds of people over the years who have had a few drinks and have later been pulled over.

They also answer: what a breath test has in common with a high school French test, what a police officer’s primary goal is when he or she suspects someone of drinking and driving, and recent changes in DUI/OVI laws: why they occurred and how they affect the answer – and the outcome.

First of 2-part episode.

Episode 009 – DUI 360 #1 – You Can Think About It, But Don’t Do It

In this first full episode of the DUI 360 series, Steve and Jeff explore the wisdom of Buford T. Justice from Smokey & the Bandit and talk about the quickest, cheapest and easiest way to avoid a DUI, why your frontal cortex and Beerfest do not make good drinking buddies, how to ruin your day “drinking responsibly”,  how a misdemeanor can quickly become a felony, Field Sobriety Tests or “I know a drunk dude when I see one”,  and how someone under the legal limit can still be prosecuted for drinking and driving.

Episode 008 – Introduction to DUI 360

Announcing DUI 360: a special series of podcasts within the Lawyer Talk: Off the Record podcast, about everything you could want to know about DUI law. According to Steve Palmer, an AV-rated criminal defense attorney who has successfully litigated some of the most complicated state and federal felony cases, DUI cases (officially called OVI in Ohio) can be as complicated as they come: science, chemistry, junk science and constitutional law are all involved.

Because a DUI/OVI conviction can seriously impact a person’s career and personal life for many years, the attorneys at Yavitch & Palmer take a 360 degree approach to these cases, and this approach has made all of the difference. They have demystified the law for their clients for years, and now they are sharing their sauce with you.

In this intro episode, Steve, Jeff and Bill talk a bit about what will be covered in the DUI 360 series, including Ohio’s mandatory 3-day OVI class (Jeff and Bill are instructors for it). Also covered: Jeff is a millennial (but no one seems to know it), Bill is currently single (and claims to only be dating Lady Justice at the moment), and that even though Steve was one of the youngest criminal defense attorneys in the state of Ohio to become AV-rated (he didn’t mention it, but we will) – he starts to daydream if he has to watch YouTube videos.

Episode 007 – Are You Happy?

Steve and Jeff project happiness out into the world while they discuss winning appeals, honesty, good old-fashioned ethics, “what really makes people happy?” – and white chicken chili. Topics covered include hunting and gathering, helping people solve their problems, why winning an appeal doesn’t always feel like winning, why sometimes lawyers wished they worked construction instead, and why when people hire a lawyer, they should aim to measure twice and cut once.

Episode 006 – Dispute Resolution, Crosswalks and Other Interesting Thoughts

Don’t come at me bro…Steve, Jeff and Bill talk road rage, good people turning into raging jerks, and how to avoid staying out of felony court over some idiot nearly running you off the road.

Episode 005 – Unintended Consequences: Sentencing Juveniles As Adults

Prosecuting juveniles in the adult system actually increases the likelihood that they’ll reoffend – so why do the courts do it? Erin Davies, Executive Director of the Juvenile Justice Coalition, joins Steve and Jeff to discuss juvenile bindovers, how an undeveloped frontal lobe really impacts your kids and their decision-making, politically-motivated ways to waste $180,000 a year, and what some people are doing to help fix the system.

Episode 004 – March Madness Or Sadness

It’s Amateur Hour! Steve and Jeff talk tailgating, people looking to get extra pumped-up at The Arnold, “this warm weather is making me thirsty”, and how to avoid stomach-clenching blue lights.

Episode 003 – Meet Bill Fornia

Meet attorney Bill Fornia.

Episode 002 – Meet Steve Palmer

Meet attorney Steve Palmer, partner and founding member of Yavitch & Palmer Co. L.P.A. In addition to helping people through his busy law practice for over 20 years, for the past 10 years, Steve has also offered countless radio callers with legal (and non-legal) insight on a wide range of problems. He currently appears on 99.7 the Blitz every Wednesday morning with Loper and Randi.

Episode 001 – Meet Jeff Linn

Meet attorney Jeff Linn.

Intro Episode

Welcome to Lawyer Talk: Off The Record with Columbus criminal defense attorneys Steve Palmer, Jeff Linn, and Bill Fornia.

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