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Presumed Guilty – Child Abuse. What if you didn’t do it.

We have defended many child abuse cases over the years. Allegations range from “shaken baby syndrome” to ugly allegations of child sex abuse. Typically these allegations involve close families, where a mother, father, or step-parent is accused of something awful. Families are torn apart. Marriages are ruined. And the kids are never the same.

But what if the person didn’t do it? We believe that more people are wrongly accused of these types of crimes than any other offense. Sure, we have the occasional “who-done-it” in a murder, theft, or robbery case. But false allegations are most common in child abuse cases.

Volumes are written on the subject. Psychologists have studied false allegations extensively. And the psychology of children, particularly young children, is a very tricky thing. They are naturally capable of imagination. Their memories, even though totally false, seem to be very real.

Couple this with the stigma associated with child-related crimes. We all want to protect our children. We all want to support our children. And we all want to believe our children. There are professionals at various facilities who do nothing but assist authorities investigating child-related crimes. Many prosecutors have entire units of assistant prosecutors who deal only with these types of offenses.

We have found a common thread. Virtually everyone involved in investigating and prosecuting child-related offenses would agree that false allegations happen. After all, the statistics are what they are. But not one of these individuals would think that the cases we are currently defending involve a false allegation. In other words, false allegations happen, just not in their cases.

Imagine the irony of that. If everyone feels that way, even the innocent folks are prosecuted. And when our Ohio criminal lawyers win these cases, these folks honestly believe there is a huge miscarriage of justice.

So that’s the starting point of these cases. Guilty until proven innocent. And even then, the jury was wrong.

This begins a series of blogs on these cases. Follow closely to learn more about the defense of these cases.

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