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Red, White and Bombed

There’s a recurring pattern in this line of work. Trouble follows the fun. And the fun usually starts around the holidays. Christmas time is obvious. Everyone is looking to cure the holiday blues. Or celebrate with family and friends. Summertime holidays are less obvious. But they can be equally troubling. The Fourth of July is the most obvious.

My guess is that the Founding Fathers weren’t thinking of charcoal and beer when they signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. There were more weighty problems to tackle. But now, some 236 years later, we are more concerned with keeping the beer cold at the cookout than defeating the mighty red-coated British army and convincing the rest of the country that independence is the way to go. Now it’s about celebrating our independence, not fighting for it.

And that’s where the trouble lies. We like to celebrate. And any occasion, regardless of the meaning, becomes an opportunity. Now this is not all bad. It’s fun to hang with family at cookouts, catch up with old friends, or just relax and watch the kids romp. Many of us forget, however, to arrange for safe passage home from the party. That means we end up with six beers instead of 1 or 2.

While it’s pretty clear that we are not going to be ambushed by a British regiment on the way home from the party, there is other trouble lurking behind the trees and curves in the road. We don’t always consider police checkpoints, increased special duty details, and other law enforcement efforts. But they are there and ready to ruin your holiday weekend.

But drinking and driving isn’t the only holiday pitfall. Old family wounds heal slowly and sometimes fester around the holidays. Add a couple of beers to the mix, and we are off to jail on a domestic violence charge.

Here’s the point. Be careful. Don’t forget the everyday rules just because it’s the Fourth of July. We should be mindful of how much we imbibe, when and where we are driving, and the old problems with family and friends.

It doesn’t take much to find trouble. And it doesn’t take much to avoid it. To be sure, we make a living helping people who find trouble over the summer holidays. And if you find yourself in that situation, call Yavitch & Palmer Co., L.P.A. for help. But imagine how much easier it is not to drink that extra beer, to arrange a safe ride home, or avoid the party altogether.
Red, White and Boom doesn’t have to turn into Red, White and Bombed. Celebrate our country’s freedom safely. You can rest assured that you won’t feel very free behind bars waiting for someone to bail you out.

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