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Understanding Gun Laws in Ohio

9mm pistol gun and bullets strewn on the table

Welcome to 2017, where you can have your smart phone out in a meeting, your child on a leash, and your bluetooth in your ear wherever you go. But what about carrying a weapon? Well that’s where your liberties get a little murky. Recently, Ohio passed a brand new gun law that could affect work, school and play. Here’s what you need to know about the new gun laws in Ohio.

You can now bring your gun to work (kind of).

If you’re surprised, you’re not up on your gun laws. It’s important to stay current, as new legislation has passed and old laws are updated all the time. As recently as March of this year, Ohio passed a new law that allows employees to bring guns onto company parking lots, and for those with the proper paperwork, to carry their firearm inside the work area. This also means that if death or injury should occur because of said weapon in any such area, the employer has civil immunity. It’s all too easy to get caught on the wrong side of changing laws if you are not aware that they have, in fact, become laws. Education is key in staying safe.

You can now bring your gun to school (kind of).

OK, so we’ve got immunity for employers and access to weapons on company parking lots for employees. But this new law also allows licensed citizens to carry in a car while in a school zone, carry in non-secure areas of airports and carry inside daycare and home day centers. This means, if you have been accused of carrying illegally in these areas, you may not be at fault. If you are unsure, best practice is to store your weapon and to follow any notices prohibiting firearms. These are all lessons learned during proper firearm training and after completion of training.

You can use your gun for protection (always).

Jim Irvine, president of the Buckeye Firearms Association, said it best when he said “All of this stuff is all about protecting people’s rights and protecting people’s lives. It’s about safety and making the law work well.” Unfortunately, accidents and mishaps do happen. But if you keep safety in mind and adhere to best firearm practices at all times, you should not run into any issues.

Call on our Trial Team to fight your gun case.

Although gun laws often face opposition, they’re an important staple in our society. It can be difficult to keep the ever-evolving regulations straight. If you find yourself in hot water because of your firearm, contact our experienced and knowledgeable Trial Team. We’ve advised on similar situations to yours, many times over. And to be perfectly honest, we’ve probably seen worse. We can (and want to) help you out.

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