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What is Domestic Violence in Columbus Ohio?

Domestic violence crimes are not limited to spousal relationships, and include abusive relationships where physical violence, threatened violence, and/or other forms of abuse exist.

Abuse in the following relationships can be categorized as domestic violence:

  • Spouse
  • Ex-spouse
  • Girlfriend
  • Boyfriend
  • Roommate or Live-in Companion
  • Someone you share a child with
  • Any family member (sibling, aunt, etc)
  • Parent or child
  • Relatives by marriage

While any violence directed at loved ones is against the law, the kind of domestic violence charge and possible penalties and sentences vary depending on what happened during the domestic violence and how seriously the victim was injured.

In most cases, you’re arrested for domestic violence the day the incident occurred. If bail is granted, a temporary restraining order is normally put in place to help protect the victim.

Criminal courts in Columbus and throughout the state Ohio are particularly tough on domestic violence crimes.  Columbus criminal defense lawyers at <a href=”/”>Yavitch & Palmer</a> have represented many clients accused of all types of domestic violence.  Our attorneys and staff understand the stress this can cause, and an understanding of the complex Ohio domestic violence laws.

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